Dip it, dip it good!

Pressure Cooker Dip Collage

Hosting or attending a certain party, soon? Here are some delicious dips to make from scratch so you can dip it… Read More »

Sweet Potato and Black-eyed Peas One-pot-meal


The black-eyed peas boil in the base of the pressure cooker, while their cooking liquid steams the potatoes above – making this a delicious and healthy one pot meal!

5 amazing pressure cooker rice and grain tips!

Pressure Cooker Grains

The pressure cooker can make quick work of tough whole grains and perfectly steam white rice to its full fluffy… Read More »

125+ Gluten-Free Friendly Pressure Cooker Recipes

125 + Gluten-free Friendly Pressure Cooker Recipes

Most of these recipes are naturally or wholly gluten-free while others can be made gluten-free by just removing or substituting one non-essential ingredient… Read More »

Recipe & VIDEO: Red Bean and Turkey Chili

Pressure Cooker Turkey Chili

This chili is light on the fat but heavy on the flavor and satisfaction because although we use a very lean meat it’s paired with very flavorful beans (not the usual mild white beans).

Top 10 Pressure Cooker Recipes of the year!

Top Ten Pressure Cooker Recipes of the Year

This year pressure cooker one pot meals make up almost half of the top 10 list with the rest being main or side dishes. Chicken recipes ruled the roost, along with the expected accompaniments: rice and potatoes.

Cozy Cream of Mushroom Soup

cream_of_mushroom_soup_top_16_9 (Copy)

This recipe gets a concentrated mushroom flavor from the addition of dried mushrooms – try different types to completely change the… Read More »

STEAMY! The New Christmas Pudding

Pressure Cooked Christmas Pudding

This is not a recipe passed-down through my family or by an old friend – Italians don’t have a Christmas… Read More »

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