Cozy Cream of Mushroom Soup

cream_of_mushroom_soup_top_16_9 (Copy)

This recipe gets a concentrated mushroom flavor from the addition of dried mushrooms – switch the type to completely change… Read More »

STEAMY! The New Christmas Pudding

Pressure Cooked Christmas Pudding

This is not a recipe passed-down through my family or by an old friend – Italians don’t have a Christmas… Read More »

Instructions & VIDEO: How to make Bone Broth with Instant Pot SMART (includes instructions for DUO & other pressure cookers)

Pressure Cooker Bone Broth

Unlike a traditional stock, which is crystal clear and nearly free of fat a bone broth actually aims to be… Read More »

Consumer Alert: No Pressure Canning in un-tested Multi-cookers

Excerpt from Power Pressure Cooker XL Infomercial shows woman pressure canning meat and vegetables. DO NOT DO THIS!

The National Center for Home Food Preservation, an offshoot of the USDA, posted an announcement warning consumers against using digital multi-cookers for pressure canning – even if they are advertised as being able to do so.

COOL! Instant Pot SMART is here (plus hip discount)

Bluetooth® wireless connection.

Instant Pot’s newest model is based on the success of their previous model (DUO) with 7-pre programmed functions, lid slots, etc., but has leapfrogged all multi-cookers to become a smartcooker – a cooking appliance with functionality that can be custom programmed by the cook.

The Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

pazzaglia with small selection of pressure cooker she receives from manufacturers

Buying a pressure cooker is an investment in both money and time that will quickly be repaid in health and savings…. Read More »

Now, release pressure! Pressure Cooker Opening Methods & Tips

How to release pressure

There’s more than one way to open a pressure cooker and each way has its own effect on what’s inside…. Read More »

Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Under Pressure

Pressure Cooker Thanksgiving Recipes

The holidays are a perfect time for using your pressure cooker. You can get things done quickly and predictably, and… Read More »

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