hip pressure cooking to demo in the New York area!


For the fourth year in a row Laura Pazzaglia, of hip pressure cooking, is partnering with manufacturers and local cookware… Read More »

Tapioca Pudding – no soaking, stirring or waiting!


Cook tapioca pudding in minutes with a pressure cooker, not hours of soaking, stirring and waiting. There are lots of… Read More »

Pressure Cooker Tip: Sling it to lift it!

Pressure Cooker Sling

It’s easy to get a container into the pressure cooker for making desserts or steamed rice cooking, the trouble comes… Read More »

The Cookbook is coming! Pre-order: “Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful”


September 2nd, 2014 a cookbook that’s been three years in the making is finally going to be published.

Millet! It’s the new quinoa.

Pressure Cooked Millet Recipe

Millet is a high-protein grain that will pressure cook in a flash to tender perfection. The mild, delicately nutty and lightly sweet-tasting millet can replace rice, couscous or quinoa in any recipe.

Phil’s Chinese Pork Ribs – Reader Recipe

Phil's Pressure Cooker Chinese Spare Ribs

I “met” Phil over a year ago as we participated in the same cooking forum.  He’s an attentive cook and… Read More »

Pressure Cooker Capacity FAQ: if it fits, cook it!

Pressure Cooker Capacity: Frequently Asked Questions

Your pressure cooker could be easily damaged if it contains too little water, or too much food. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your pressure cooker on the level and dinner coming.

Quick & Spicy Mango Chutney Under Pressure


Tangy, spicy and sweet a chutney can be made in the pressure cooker in just minutes. We’ve pressure cooked marmalade… Read More »

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