Consumer Alert: Max. Fill Lines Too High for Pressure Programs

These multi-cookers with pressure programs, have the MAX/FULL line noted for non-pressure programs. It is not safe for pressure cooking!

A large number of multi-cookers with pressure programs have an inner bowl with the “max/full” line at a level that is… Read More »

5 Hip Pressure Cooker Recipes on The Kitchn

5 HIP Pressure Cooker Recipes on TheKitchn

I recently  worked with The Kitchn to bring an electric pressure cooker recipe series to life. Each recipe includes an introduction… Read More »

Infographic: Pressure Cooker Safety Tips!

Pressure Cooker Safety Tips

Today’s pressure cookers are extremely safe as long as the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.  Here are our seven tips to… Read More »

Pressure Cook Tomato-Based Recipes Like a Pro!

Tomatoes in the Pressure Cooker

Does your pressure cooker scorch and burn at the thought of pressure cooking a tomato-based recipe? Are you tired of chipping away… Read More »

17+ Tomato Pressure Cooker Recipes

Tomato Pressure Cooker Recipes

Now, lots of ideas for using up those bushels of fresh tomatoes coming from your garden – includes vegan, paleo… Read More »

Millet, Veggie and Lentil One Pot – recipe & strategy

The Veggie Queen's Vegan Pressure Cooker One Pot Meal

Jill Nussinow (aka The Veggie Queen) shares her hip strategies for preparing a satisfying vegan one pot meal, along with… Read More »

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