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Hip pressure cooking is about harnessing the flavor from natural ingredients with pressure – no processed foods, just whole ingredients!

slicing mushrooms

Enough with pressure cooker books and websites teaching you how to make the same ‘ol brown runny stews, beans and soups or telling you to “cook” by adding a can of this and packet of that!

Get ready for a new kind of cooking: hip pressure cooking. Which brings new ingredients, recipes and techniques to the pressure cooker to make your everyday cooking faster, healthier and easier.. all with less energy!

We’re dedicated to using whole foods, fresh ingredients and unadulterated recipes. The recipes are either conceived for, or adapted to, the pressure cooker through trial and error.  We will not publish a recipe unless it has been tested several times to get consistent results in all pressure cooker types.  We photograph what really comes out of the pressure cooker – no tricks. What you see is what you will get.

Hip pressure cooking readers are from all over the world, though the majority of them (+80%) are American so  ingredients and directions are written with the American cook in mind (for example tomato puree instead of passata, or peppers instead of capsicums) – if you ever have any doubt about a recipe, just ask in the comments section below that recipe.

the founder

laura_pazzagliaLaura Pazzaglia has lived in four countries (U.K, Italy, U.S.A, and Austria), speaks three languages (English, Italian and German), has two children (Vittorio and Adriana), and just one husband.

She had an exciting career managing IT projects in the tech sector of the San Francisco Bay Area working for software and media companies  and one city government (including The San Francisco Chronicle, TiVo and Microsoft).  Her last post in the Bay Area was leading an IT team at the City and County of San Francisco until her son was born.

Laura picked up her first pressure cooker after seeing a friend boiling whole potatoes in 10 minutes flat,  and she never looked back.  Soon, she realized that the flavor pressure cooking retains likens the results to tasting food in High Definition. She began posting waaay too many recipes on her personal blog, hence the birth of Hip Pressure Cooking website.

Slicing eggplant for the dip - during pressure cooker demonstration in New York.

Pressure cooker demonstration in New York.

She has since published The Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker, Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful and is working on her third tome on pressure cookery. She is a respected expert in pressure cookery having been invited to visit pressure cooker manufacturers in  Germany, Switzerland and New Jersey (U.S. headquarters for a Spanish manufacturer) and providing them insights for their new models and sharing custom recipes and content to entice cooks to use their pressure cooker more.  She has appeared in several infomercials and pressure cooker demonstration videos. But, mostly, she really enjoys giving classes and live product demonstrations where cooks can taste the benefits of pressure cookers.

Currently, Laura lives in Italy near Rome, and travels frequently to the United States and Europe to share her passion for kitchen technology.

pressure cooker victories!

demonstrations collage
    • Provided recipes and photographs to manufacturer that translated into French and German and published in their newsletter and website.
      kuhn rikon recipes
    • Held pressure cooker demonstrations and technique introductions to pressure cooker manufacturer in  GermanyLuxembourg, and the headquarters of allrecipes.com  Seattle (USA)
Fissler Collage
    • Presented about pressure cookers and possible recipes and cooking techniques at the cooking school of La Cucina Italiana magazine headquarters in Milano, Italy.
La Cucina Italiana
  • Provided recipes for pressure cooker manufacturer recipe book
    Fagor Recipes
  • Provided recipes and photographs to be used in Italian point-of-sale brochure
    Fissler Brochure
  • Featured and Interviewed as Celebrity Chef on manufacturer website
  • Scroll further down to see links to guest posts and mentions on top foodie websites!

pressure cooking network

Laura could not present you with delicious, solid recipes without the support, testing and inspiration from her mother-in-law, Margherita (who has 5 pressure cookers and lives in Southern Italy), sister-in-law Katia (who just received her first modern pressure cooker and lives in Nashville, TN), her Italian copy-editor and fixer of creative translations Lina (who lives in Tuscany), her neighbor and friend Giuseppina (a busy working mom) and countless readers who take the time to leave comments and suggestions at the bottom of the recipes on this website.

what others are saying…

Laura is full of enthusiasm for pressure cooking and is very adventurous. Her photographs are gorgeous, and she’s doing a great job of showing her blog readers just how versatile pressure cooking is and why the ‘pc’ deserves a place in everyone’s kitchen.” – Lorna Sass, Pressure Cooking Queen, author of several Pressure Cooking books, including the groundbreaking Cooking Under Pressure

I’m thrilled and inspired to find a kindred pressure cooking spirit in Laura. I like that her recipes are straightforward and use seasonal ingredients. I’m sure that her Hip Pressure Cooking blog will reach and inspire readers to pick up a pressure cooker, get into the kitchen and cook. Thanks Laura!” – Jill Nussinow, The Veggie Queen, author and creator of Pressure Cooking, a Fresh Look DVD

..our blog of choice for pressure cooking goodness. Perfect for newbies to the wonders of pressure cooking and more than interesting for those of us who have been cooking under pressure for years” – An Island Gourmand

It is about time for some ‘new blood’ in pressure cooking!” – Avid Reader of Hip Pressure Cooking

hip pressure cookers

Laura with her pressure cookers
We regularly rotate the pressure cookers used and photographed in my recipes, but often, we’re asked what they are and how we like them. Read our detailed pressure cooker reviews to see what we really think about each one!

Want to see your pressure cooker on this website?  Contact us at [email protected]

contact us!

We’re looking to partner and collaborate with key companies to bring new cooks to pressure cooking and teach them about equipment and ingredient innovations. We  provide pressure cooker manufacturers with free published recipes and photographs to use with their product, or exclusive content for their activities to promote pressure cooking.

World-wide pressure cooker demonstrations are also possible for minimal cost.


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