Today we’re going to make our first pressure cooker recipe: a delicious Garlic Cauliflower Potato Mash – don’t worry, it’s easy! We’re also going to discuss your pressure cooker’s minimum liquid requirement and any adjustments you’ll have to make if you want to double or halve a pressure cooker recipe.

Welcome to Pressure Cooking School!

Pressure cooking is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do, is:

  1. Add the food.
  2. Add the cooking liquid.
  3. Choose a cooking time or program.

and, GO!


Pressure Cooking is as easy ad 1,2,3!

The First Recipe - Pressure Cooking School

The First Recipe - Pressure Cooking School!

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  1. Sounds wonderful

    1. Welcome Gail, have you tried it?



  2. Hi Laura,
    I just got the Instant Pot pressure cooker for Christmas from my son. I have never cooked with a pressure cooker and was a little nervous about it. I ran across your videos about pressure cooking school and I am super excited to get started. Thank you so much for your expertise. I will be ordering your cookbooks as well.

  3. Hi Laura. Great site. I love my Instant Pot and I’m so happy to find someone who knows way more about pressure cooking than I. Thanks so much for doing this.

  4. Grazie Laura for your videos they ‘re very interesting

  5. I’ve had my pressure cooker for over a year and haven’t yet used it successfully! After watching your videos I can’t wait to have another go! I also have a copy of your book so I have no excuses!!

    1. Dawn, reading that I inspired you to give it another shot makes my day. : ) That is my goal. Welcome!



  6. Hi Laura.
    Just found your school video here in the U.K. It helps a great deal reassuring us we are using the machine correctly. We purchased our instapot Nov 15 and it’s been a revelation and used extensively. We would not be without it!
    Looking forward to finding new recipes tips and ideas.

  7. I’ve learned soon much with just watching the first few lessons. I have the Power Pressurer Cooker XL. Does it rate about the same as the Instant Pot? I have the 10 qt. your conversion chart was very helpful. Took some of the mystery away. THANKS SO VERY MUCH.

  8. Hi Laura,

    I have just got the Bella 6 quart pressure cooker. Can I use or convert ur recipes to use in my Bella. I live in the UK.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Laura, the work that you’ve done to create the website, test everything, write the book, keep supporting the community is incredible, Mille gracie!
    I have just made my first mash with the WMF cooker and I am in love! Why didn’t I get PC sooner…

  10. I have a electric pressure cooker and it came with no Manuel I need to no how to can with my pressure cooker.

    1. Kathy, take a look at our Manual Library. Hopefully, you can find the manual do download here:



  11. I am so confused regarding garlic in the PC. I went back to this video which I watched several months ago to double check what you said re garlic.

    So, garlic’s flavor is “reduced” but not totally negated when cooked under presure.
    Therefore, if you are cooking something where you want the garlic flavor to pop, you add the garlic after the pressure is released.
    However, if you are cooking something where garlic is not an important component, you add the garlic with the other ingredients, and bring the contents to pressure.

    Second Question: How do I know when to use garlic powder in place of raw garlic?

    BTW, in the process of reviewing that first recipe in PC School, I went through several of the other videos and must complement you on the fabulous work you have done with this site.

    1. Jane, in the end, what it the point of adding garlic if you can’t taste it? : ) Dried garlic can be added at the beginning of a recipe (for some reason it resists pressure cooking) while raw garlic should be added at the end, or in whole cloves, or with the wrapper to help preserve some of its flavor during pressure cooking.

      I hope this helps!

      Ciao and Welcome!


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