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Even though the SMART had a bumpy start, at the writing of this review, it’s the most technologically advanced pressure cooker we’ve seen. This cooker is a little awkward at some things but it does others exceptionally well. While the number of button-pushes can be excessive – one of those buttons houses my favorite feature (the delay cooking function).   The app gives me continuous information on the cooking process,  but I wish that I could follow the cooking from more than 10 feet away from the pot – isn’t that the real reason for making something wireless, anyway?  Together, the pressure cooker and App, give the cook extensive control over cooking time and temperature epitomizing the definition of true hands-off cooking, set-it and forget-it with pressure.

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Quick-start Guide

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Instruction Manual


Hip Notes

This electric pressure cooker interacts with an ipad or android app which give the cooker specific instructions on the length and temperature of cooking, with or without pressure. For example, a recipe script can be written to slow cook on “high” for an hour and then “low” for 5, with the delay start of an hour. Or, a pressure cooker recipe can start at low pressure and finish at high pressure.

This high level of programmability and interaction with an app makes this cooker part of a new class of intelligent programmable cookers: smart cookers.

This cooker has two pressure settings (high and low). Maximum operating pressure (high pressure) is 11.6 psi or 80kpa – some recipes and ingredients will require time adjustments for non-standard cookers.  The minimum liquid requirement is two 180ml measures (plastic cup that comes with the cooker) or 1 1/2 standard (8oz) measuring cups.

Steam is released vertically from the steam handle. Release pressure when the cooker is not underneath upper kitchen cabinets.

Instant Pot SMART Error Messages & Codes

Error CodePossible CauseRecommended Actions
Lid- lid not in correct position for chosen program
- lid not properly placed
- Close and twist the lid locked lid for pressure cooking programs
- Open the lid completely for Saute' program
noPr- pressure not reached during the pre-heating phase
- gasket not correctly placed or warn
- gasket has food debris attached that is preventing a seal
- not enough liquid to reach pressure
- place the gasket in the correct position or order a replacement (they generally last 12-18 months)
- clean the gasket and lid thoroughly
- add more liquid to the pressure cooker
Ovht- overheating detected by sensors
- food too thick and stuck to bottom of pot
- open the pressure cooker and check on the food
- thin-out food with more cooking liquid
(blank screen)- bad connection to the power outlet
- electrical fuse blown
- check that the power cord is connected well to the pressure cooker and outlet
- contact Instant Pot support
C1- faulty temperature sensor (it cannot be detected)- contact Instant Pot support
C2- faulty temperature sensor (short circuited)- contact Instant Pot support
C5- inner pot not in place
- temperature too high
- ensure the inner pot is inside the pressure cooker
- add food an water to the insert
C6- faulty pressure sensor- contact Instant Pot support
C9- faulty Bluetooth module
- cannot connect to mobile device, anymore
- use the pressure cooker with the buttons on the front

First Production Recalled

This is a voluntary and precautionary recall that was enacted in less than 48 hours after the discovery of a problem which only affects a small percentage of units.  Bob Wang, of Instant Pot, said “We found a problem with IP-Smart’s thermal probe. After extensive usage, an insulating layer could be broken and leak electricity.” This means that electricity may be transmitted to other metal parts of the pressure cooker. If you have not received an e-mail from Instant Pot, please contact their customer service to be added to the mailing list to receive further information on the free Instant Pot SMART replacement process.

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Manufacturer Website

InstantPot Electric Pressure Cooker

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  1. I just got my smart IP. Downloaded the android app yesterday. Seems to work fine except it will not let me download the recipes that I want. I tried changing the .txt to .cooker in a file manager that I downloaded. It does open in the android app but only partially. It lacks as pictures and not all the instructions. I don’t get it. What do I need to do to fix this?

    1. A reader in the forums figured out how do it, here is the discussion:



  2. I just got my instant pot today. First thing I tried was pairing it with my phone. Straight away I got a C9 error message (meaning the pot has a faulty bluetooth module). Not very encouraging.
    So I guess I should return it? Or is there a fix?

    1. You should contact Instant Pot – the bluetooth is not working correctly so it is defective. See what they say, if you can keep the old one while they send the new one you can still use it without bluetooth. So you’d have a DUO, then.



  3. Using my iPhone 6+ with the app loaded, I’ve clicked to download 2 different recipes. In both cases, the screen has filled with a scrolling mess of characters. Nothing else has resulted. No new recipes in the app. What am I missing here?

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