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Pressure cooker recipes by category and main ingredient for both stove-top and electric pressure cookers. Can’t find a recipe you need? Let us know in the forums!

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Fish and Seafood Pressure Cooker Recipes


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Pressure Cooker Recipes - huge archive!

Last update: April 17, 2015

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  1. AdeleS
    AdeleS at ·

    I’m so glad to find this list of recipes! I have America’s Test Kitchen pressure cooker cookbook “Pressure Cooker Perfection” and I was so disappointed to find so few vegetable recipes there. Ok, there are a few but they’re all for potatoes!

    ATK’s cookbook is just 100 recipes making the same thing over, and over, again. You don’t need to include a whole new recipe if you’re just substituting a potato with a sweet potato in it.

    I’m bookmarking this page as I will refer to this list again and again.


  2. holtoj
    holtoj at ·

    Is there any way to view the recipe list instead of pictures? It is very cumbersome to browse through unidentified pictures… On my tablet, I can’t right click and view description, and I use my tablet for my meal planning.

  3. LindaPressure
    LindaPressure at ·

    How come I keep getting on error message when I try to access yogurt making with Instant pot with yogurt function…….I had gotten into it and found it very informative from other cooks making the yogurt with IP? I had read it in debt but went back to reread and I can’t access first I thought I could not get into HipPressure and got into it from a recipe on Pinterest..I did make my yogurt using IP and it came out great….I had a few questions about how long to store it for with fruit in it but now can not get in to ask…..thanks Laura for being the founder of a wonderful site….your awesome!

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