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  1. Please help me with cooking a Christmas pudding in my Salton electric pressure cooker. Thank you. Wendy Dixon

    1. Wendy, you can follow the procedure in this article using your own recipe:



  2. Laura thank you for your prompt reply. Your pressure cooking Christmas puddings instructions and recipes are very informative. My Salton Pressure cooker model is SEPC01 and I don’t seem to be able to choose times and settings. Do you have any advice? Many thanks.

  3. Can I get an instruction booklet in Afrikaans fir my Saltin electric pressure cooker please?
    Model: SEPC01

  4. How do I determine which setting to use for eg potatoes?
    Wat is the difference between delicste, standard & ricj?

  5. What is the removable cooking bowl made of on model pc1683? Thank you

  6. How can i change preset times on this model.
    The preset times are to short – stil raw??
    Can you select time duration manually??

    1. From reading the manual it looks like you choose the pressure, and when the screen changes to “1” you press the high-pressure button again to increase the cooking time.



  7. Can the saltin sepc01 sauté onion for a stew or brown meat?

    1. Yes, with the “Brown” button.



      1. Where is the “Brown” button on the SEPC01?

  8. I recently bought this model and very successfully

  9. Hi Celeste, Choose a recipe from the supplied manual closest to what you want to make eg I wanted to make Lamb Curry so chose Beef Masala as a guide. Follow instructions using your own recipe or the one supplied. Perfect curry in under 40 minutes. Would suggest you brown small batches of meat/onion at a time otherwise it ‘stews’ rather than browning. Hope this helps

  10. Where can I buy replacement parts for Salton pc1683 pressure cooker. I’ve lost my metal rung.

  11. How do I change time manually on the Salton SEPC-01 electric pressure cooker?
    Seems there is only preset times……

  12. can the salton 1683 brown onions?

  13. I have a Salton pressure cooker model SEPC 01
    How do you select Rich and Delcate

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