holiday pressure cooker recipes
Twenty five, mostly make-ahead, holiday pressure cooker recipes with serving and preparation suggestions – so you can enjoy the feast, too!


  • Quick Italian Pate’ Spread – Serve at room temperature with crostini, can be made several days in advance.
  • French “baked” eggs – Ramekins can be prepared ahead of time, eggs must be cooked right before serving.
  • Smoky Eggplant Caviar – Serve room temperature with oven-baked pita chips, can be made several days in advance (V)
  • Roasted Garlic Roses – Serve with butter knife for spreading on crackers, can be steamed several days ahead, but broil just before serving warm. (V)





(V)- Vegan or easily veganized by leaving out one ingredient or substituting the vegan equivalent.

What is your favorite pressure cooked dish to serve during the holidays?  Leave a message, below!


  1. Another thing – use the pressure cooker to make a turkey broth to use in making the turkey gravy. This could even be done ahead of time using the turkey neck, etc.

    I imagine you could make extra stuffing in the pressure cooker by treating it as a bread pudding and using turkey broth, but I haven’t tried it.

    Following your instructions, chicken broth that I make in the pressure cooker has so much more flavor than the very same ingredients in a pot over the stove. I used to have to reduce stove-top broths to make the flavor suitably strong, now I no longer have to. Thanks to your site for teaching about flavorful broths.

    1. OOh, great ideas. That reminds me, the “chicken liver pate” could TOTALLY be done with turkey liver, too!!



  2. You’re incredible! What a great line up of recipes! Especially love the pate and every one of the desserts!! Love them all!

    1. Ciao MJ, thanks!

      Actually, the plate is a bit of an optical trick. If you look carefully it’s just a boring, plain white oval casserole. But add an un-polished silver antique liquor tray – and everything looks soooo much more elegant!!



  3. THANK YOU! For thinking of me, the cook. Can’t wait to make a couple of these ahead of time so on T-day the turkey can take-up the oven.

  4. What a great roundup of Thanksgiving ideas. Perfect for any time of year too.

    1. All these Recipes sound Amazing.
      Please keep them coming.
      Thank u.

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