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For Technique Pressure Cooker model numbers: 99800, 99801, 99802, 99803, 99805, 99807 and 99810


Hip Notes: Readers reported not being able to clearly hear the voice, it was muffled and un-clear and they were unable to turn it off. Contact QVC TV shopping channel for replacement parts.

Manufacturer Website: out of business

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  1. received the pressure cooker without a?manual round also as two lids and stainless steel basket second lide as a window like abd value no timer to set so not sure how to use it

    1. you can find them online…just google the item I found mine there.

  2. keystone preasure cooker 99759 model I recieved but no manulal on how to use..please help. Thanks

    1. they’re online under various names like Shamrock or Technique or Keystone…model 99800-99810

  3. I have a Pressure Cooker Model # 99810 by Keystone MFG Co. Inc. which I have had for several years.
    We use it all the time, but the Locking pressure valve isn’t working. There seems to be a gasket of some kind missing as the valve will come out when in the lock position and under pressure.
    Where can I get a parts list or parts to fix the valve.
    This was a gift and I have no idea where it came from.
    Thank you

    1. Keystone MFG Co. appears to be a brand name, and not an actual buisness. I would contact the retailer from where you bought you cooker to find out how to get replacement parts.



  4. The pressure cooker never worked for us. Bought it from QVC a few years ago and just tried again. Followed all of the instructions. Started counting down immediately and never got to the pressure it was supposed to. Never got hot after 15 minutes!

  5. Is there a trivette made for my model 99803 pressure cookers so I am able to steam potatoes?

    1. You can use any trivet in your pressure cooker.



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