Recently, the Associated Press, published a pressure cooker story  that contained a pressure cooker dulce de leche recipe with dangerous instructions.

Thousands of newspapers and websites subscribe to the AP service and the story began to appear in newspapers and websites in April 2013.  A reader alerted us to the striking resemblance to the dulce de leche recipe hip pressure cooking published last year.  In fact,  the recipe is very similar with one exception – the pressure cooker opening method.

“The opening method recommended in the article is dangerous,” said Laura  Pazzaglia, the founder of the hip pressure cooking website.

“When you pressure cook a can – or any sealed vessel – its contents also become pressurized.  Unlike a pressure cooker, which has valves to release pressure and safety mechanisms to lock the lid when the contents are under pressure, there are no such safety features on a can. Should a cook follow the instructions given in the recipe published by AP and accidentally open the can while the contents are still hot they could spray out forcefully and scald the cook.

We strongly discourage cooks from opening the pressure cooker quickly and handling a pressurized can as described in the AP recipe.”

This morning  hip pressure cooking contacted all the websites and newspapers where the recipe appeared online to alert them of the danger.

Pazzaglia assures that “You can absolutely make dulce de leche safely in the pressure cooker.  The key is to let both the cooker and its contents cool down slowly, undisturbed and overnight.”



  • ABC News has removed the story from their website
  • The Redding Record, corrected the recipe with the proper procedure
  • Huffington Post cannot take the AP articles down for some technical reason, but the editor assured us they  will not “promote” it anywhere on their website.
  • The Montreal Gazzette  removed the article from their website and published a correction within hours of our email:
  • The Edmonton Journal removed the story from their website – they did not run it in their print newspaper.
  • The Poughkeepsie Journal Food Blog that ran the story, made the appropriate corrections in the instructions
  • Go San Angelo Journal removed the story from their website.
  • The story has been removed from AP’s own website, though as far as we know they have not re-called the story.
  • The Times-Standard have removed the story from their website.
  • The News Journal from Longview Texas have removed the story from their website.
  • Packer News has removed the story from their website.
  • SportBalla has removed the story from their website.
  • Poughkeepsie Journal has removed the story from their website.
  • World News has removed the story from their website.
  • Unfortunately, the AP has never re-called this article and it keeps appearing on new websites.


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