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  1. I have Wolfgang Puck Bistro Pressure Cooker, it only has 3 settings, warm, cook, heat, plus a timer, I do not have a manuel on how long to cook certain items, I do not have a printer, could you send me a manuel in the mail..I purchased this on HSN, they told me to write to this …please respond asap, as I cannot use this item. Thank You

    1. Patricia, you can click on the “download” button to have an electronic version of the manual – and then print it out yourself. We are not affiliated with HSN, but we’re glad to help their viewers and shoppers learn how to use their pressure cooker!

      You can use the cooking times listed on this chart – the “cook” setting will be equivalent to “high pressure” for electric pressure cookers:



      1. Should I set in on vent or seal when I pressuring beans?

        1. Whenever you want to pressure cook, the valve needs to be set to “seal” otherwise you are steaming without pressure.



          1. Laura pazzaglia I have an older model pressure cooker that my daddy had and I acquired after his passing, sadly he never got a chance to show me how to use it, if I send u a picture would u be able to tell me what Manuel I would need?

            1. Absolutely! We can try. Is there anything written on the top or bottom of it?



    2. Did you find the manual for your pressure cooker? I have the same one but am having trouble finding the manual online. Al I see are the Wolfgang puck digital pressure cooker manuals. Thank you.

  2. \This Wolfgang Puch pressure cooker is useless as all I have is a timer no menu tellin g me how long to cook anything this is his Bistro collection which is suppose to be the best, not if I cannolt use it???

    1. Patricia, you can look-up the cooking time from our timing chart, and then set the timer on your pressure cooker. : )


  3. I have had my pressure cooker for quite a few years and the wording on the nob have come off so I don’t know where the words are like SEAL VENT on my unit ….can you help

    1. Bea, if this is the model of you pressure cooker, I see from the manual that the valve has two “vent” positions and only one “seal” position. It looks like if you put the “pointer” of the valve (across from the part where you touch it) pointing towards the outer-most part of the lid that it should seal. Do a test bringing water up to pressure with water, to see if that works, and when you’re sure, put a dot there with red nail polish to make sure it doesn’t wash off again.



  4. Oh thank you so much! I haven’t used my pressure cooker in a while and had lost the manual.

  5. I’ve got a wolfgang puck don’t have a manual for it and I dont how to set it please send me a booklet please

    1. Need replacement for small pressure Cage which has a red top

  6. Hi,

    I have had the Bistro for a while, and love it. The manual does not show what settings to use for slow cooking though. What setting should I use with the glass lid? I would like to be able to slow cook a pot roast while at work for example.
    Thank you,


    1. Marian, I looked at the manual. It looks like your Bistro is only an “Electric Pressure Cooker” and not a “Multi Cooker” which would have multiple functions including “Slow Cooking”. However, it does have a 4-hour long “Keep Warm” setting – the manual does not state the temperature but you might be able to figure out how to use that for a slow cooking hack.



  7. I have the WG Puck Bistro 5 quart electric pressure cooker #model BPCR 0005. I need a Manuel to know how to use it. Thank you, Pat McKee

  8. Hi. I got a Wolfgang Puck Bistro electric pressure some time ago. Model # BPCRM040 Serial # 3113600 I never used it and went to use it and have no manual. Where can I find a manual

  9. i have a was bistro electric pressure that was given to me. i don’t have all the parts. i ned to know what measurement the rice cup measures. thank you.

  10. Best cooker ever! Replaced it with an Instant Pot after 12 years when I could no longer read the markings due to constant use. The cooker base of the Instant Pot was not sealed from the electronic unit underneath. A cup of liquid added to the base without the liner in place destroyed the unit and the liquid went straight through the electronics and all over the counter top. I wish WGP made a multi cooker as good as their Pressure Cooker.

  11. I bought a Pressure cooker from your Bistro collection at HSN I contacted them and said it was in 2011 and the guarantee expired, I may be used it 5 times, it is the big one and is only my husband and I and I don’t cook for many people anymore, is there amy place in Miami, Fl that I can take it to be checked and may be is a little problems, thanks a lot for your help


  13. I have a Bisto pressure cooker model no bpcr0005 120v 60HZ 90060 and no manual to tell me how to use it

  14. I have the Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker and I love it, but the lid is cracking…can you tell me where I can purchase parts? Thank you

  15. what does the temperature get to in the pressure cooker

  16. I am looking for a manual for my pressure cooker.. model number:BPCRM040. Can someone point me in the right direction to get a hard copy of the manual?

  17. I am in search of a o-ring for the Float valve on my Wolfgang Puck Bristro Electric Pressure Cooker and a new seal for the lid. Where can I locate replacement parts?

  18. i have the bistro pressure cooker that was given to me but it was never used. i’ve tried using it a couple times, however, it seems to work but the timer doesn’t. any ideas what could be wrong. the person had it for about 2 years and kept it stored in the box and never opened. thanks for any help

  19. I have digital model BPCR0ⁿ20. I need manual downloaded. I tried unsuccessfully. When will this function be operational?

  20. I’ve looked at the manual and I’m wondering if I missed something. After recipes it has cooking chart. One of the columns is a “Function Setting”. My pressure cooker does that have a knob that is for function settings only time settings. What am I missing on the instructions here? I just got this New never used pressure cooker and have not used one before.

    Thank you

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