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Skinny Cream of Broccoli Soup – Easy Pressure Cooker Recipe

EASY Skinny Cream of Broccoli Soup (Instant Pot Pressure Cooker )

The creaminess of this soup is in the texture – not the ingredients!  I use one my favorite soup-thickening tricks to make this soup light yet satisfying.  

Infographic: Pressure Cooker Nutritional Information

Pressure Cooker & Instant Pot Nutrition Facts - view full size here: https://www.hipcooking.com/nutrition

The facts on whether pressure cooking is healthy if it destroys nutrients and how cooking under pressure affects nutrition.  Scientific… Read More »

Broccoli & Pressure: the untold story of the better cooking method

Broccoli Pressure Cooker /Instant Pot Nutriton

Interesting tidbits including data that’s been hidden by omission from just about anyone who has cited this study (including myself) to promote the nutritional benefits of pressure cooking.

Chickpea Curry Rice Bowl – One Pot Meal

pressure cooker chickpea curry bowl one pot meal (instant pot recipe)

Pressure cook a tangy and spicy curry right along with the brown rice in just one go by stacking the… Read More »

Does pressure cooker size matter? Of course!

choosing a pressure cooker size

For home cooks that are just looking to make dinner, and not restaurant-quantity stock: bigger is not better. We recommend… Read More »

5 Pressure Cooker Pantry-Cleaning Recipes

ceci minestrone

Now’s the time to use up those packets of dried beans, stacks of rain-day tuna, archives of pasta and random… Read More »

Large Batch Tomato Sauce -Pressure Cook 6 Pounds at Once!

Pressure Cookere Large Batch Tomato Sauce

Here’s an easy and delicious way to get rid of 6 pounds of tomatoes in one fell swoop – you’re going… Read More »

I found research on NEGATIVE effects on nutrition from pressure cooking…

…and here’s is why I’m not going to report the results.

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