5 Pressure Cooker Pantry-Cleaning Recipes

ceci minestrone

Now’s the time to use up those packets of dried beans, stacks of rain-day tuna, archives of pasta and random… Read More »

5 Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Tips + 3 Top Recommendations

5 Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Tips + 3 Recommendations

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Super-quick-pickled Green Peppers !

quick-pickled green jalapenos

The pressure cooker pickles chilies in 60 seconds – it infuses the seasonings and spices evenly while bringing out their… Read More »

UPDATED: Which Instant Pot model is right for you?

Instant Pot Choice

We’ve updated this article to include Instant Pot’s version numbers, as well. As the presenter in of Instant Pot’s product videos,  I’m… Read More »

Black Bean & Lentil Chili – pressure cooker recipe

Black Bean and Lentil Chili Recipe

This pressure cooker chili is a one pot meal made with items you can find in any pantry. The black beans add depth and the lentils add a little spice – the mushrooms tie everything together into savory, satisfying dish.

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