10 HOTTEST Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2011 …and why they’re sooo special!

most popular pressure cooker recipes

10. Mezzemaniche Pasticciate (Pasta Casserole) – a one-pot-meal that doesn’t even look or taste like it came from the pressure cooker, and in fact, it didn’t it well… not directly!

9. Canellini and Mint Bean Salad (Quick-soak Method) – This recipe details the little-known method that has all of the speed and convenience of using un-soaked beans, but without any of those embarrassing gaseus emissions!

8. Pipe Cacio e Pepe – The Italian version of Mac & Cheese… need I say more?!?

7. Three-Bean Salad (Three Beans Cooked Together) – A pressure cooker technique innovation, this recipe is an American classic, but what really makes it a winner is the introduction to the three pressure cooker cooking zones and how to take advantage of them to cook three bean varieties with vastly different cooking times.

6. Beer Can Chicken – A pressure cooker technique innovation, this recipe features cooking a whole chicken in the pressure cooker by “sitting” it on a beer can.  Using this method actually allows you to use a larger chicken than one that you would need to fit “lying down” on a pressure cooker rack, as is the “traditional” whole chicken pressure cooker method.

5. Ligurian Lemon and Olive Chicken – Another pressure cooker recipe and technique innovation, this recipe combines traditional and pressure cooking techniques and includes tips on how to get “maximum velocity flavorage” to any pressure cooked meat!

4. Hummus – A pressure cooker classic, made more special by the attention to detail to make each ingredient play it’s part to the fullest.

3. Smashed Potatoes – Another pressure cooker classic, and first lesson in the “Beginner Basics” learning series with my favorite method for just-right creaminess.

2. Blackberry Italian Soda (Fruit Extraction) – A pressure cooker recipe and technique innovation, the method for extracting fruit juice using pressure steaming is detailed for the first time and possible uses – like making your own soda are included.

And finally, the top pressure cooker recipe of the year…

1. Soft, Medium and Hard-Boiled Eggs – A pressure cooker technique innovation, executed with the help of my 5-year-old kitchen helper and inspired by the scientific process and breathless photography of Modernist Cuisine.. soft and medium-boiled eggs come out of the pressure cooker for the first time!

Which ones have you tried, and what are your top three recipes of the year?