Top 10 Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2013

The top three slots of this countdown are classics,  another three are nutritious one pot meals, and our latest technique innovation – generated a lot of heat!

10. Chickpea Curry with Brown Rice Pressure Cooker One Pot meal  – It’s not easy to find ingredients with like cooking times to pressure cook together.  In fact, the main ingredients in this recipe don’t.  Using the acidity of tomatoes we extended the usual 13 minutes chickpeas need under pressure to the 20 minutes the brown rice needs to be perfectly steamed for a healthy one-pot meal that doesn’t mix everything into a mush.

9.  Aupsidedown-apple-cake21pple and Ricotta Upside down Pressure Cooker Cake – A rich, beautiful cake disguises it’s true nature -using up fruit that has seen better days – and turn it into a breathtaking dessert in just minutes!

8. Chicken & Prosciutto Rolls with Peas Pressure Cooker One Pot meal – Although we usually recommend staying away from pressure cooking boneless and skinless chicken breasts, rolling them up makes them stuffable and keeps them tender.

7. Super-fast Tamales in the Pressure Cooker – Many of you not only clicked on, but steamed tamales in the pressure cooker in just 20 minutes!  One reader said, ” Vs 1 1/2 hours of steaming.    Why in the world would anyone use anything except a pressure cooker for tamales?!?” Well said!

6. Pressure Cooker Hot Sauce – This year’s pressure cooker technique innovation went gang-busters as cooks all over the world started to pressure cook their hot peppers in vinegar – the best part was seeing them.  Many cooks used our new feature to post photos with comments to share their spicy bounty. Take a look at some of their HOT photos – click on the article to see the rest!
Pressure Cooker Hot Sauce Collage

5. Pork Chops and Cabbage Pressure Cooker One Pot Meal– This pressure cooker recipe had the least prep than any other one pot meal of the list.  No chopping, peeling or prepping – just roughly chop some cabbage and go!

4. Pressure Cooker to BBQ Ribs – It’s amazing how this technique even made it to the top ten.  We published this article  the second half of this year and thought it would have limited appeal for the grilling season.  But the advice on pre-cooking meats and finishing them on the grill or under the broiler for a crusty- charred finish breaks all seasonal barriers.

3. Pressure Cooker Risotto – This pressure cooker classic was one of the first recipes we posted on the hip pressure cooking website.  We re-freshed the recipe with new step-by-step photos and included our first video recipe, too.  Enough readers clicked on this recipe to propel it to the No. 3 spot. Go team risotto!

2. Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes – Another classic and first introduction to many into the world of pressure cookery.  Boiling potatoes is can be done in any kind of pressure cooker, anywhere and  by anyone.  That’s why we recommend it as the first thing anyone just getting started try – and lots of cooks got started pressure cooking this year.

1. Easy-Peel Pressure Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs – An oldie but goodie – our innovative technique has been in the number one and two slot of our count-downs for three years in a row! We were not the first to pressure cook eggs, but we were the first to recommend steaming them under pressure, figure out the right time and proclaim that it made them easy to peel.  Since 2010 what we can only describe as pressure cooker egg mania took over the internet and we’ve seen websites and blogs everywhere sharing our technique, cooking times and results with their readers.


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