Pressure Cooker Accessories and the dishes they can prepare

Pressure Cooker Accessories and the dishes they can preparePressure cooker accessories push your cooker beyond boiling and braising – they are the structure onto which you can compose amazing one pot meals without mixing everything together, steam delicate foods and make speedy desserts, too!

steamer baskets rule!

Other than keeping your tamales from getting soggy, steamer baskets are fantastic for steaming veggies and seafood, too! If a steamer basket didn’t come with your pressure cooker, any one will do, here are our recommendations.


heat-proof bowls rock!

If it can go in the oven, it can go in your pressure cooker. A heat-proof dish is indispensable for making one pot meals, and jaw-dropping desserts. Here’s our guide for what you can and can’t use!


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