Top Ten Pressure Cooker Recipes of the Year

This year pressure cooker one pot meals make up almost half of the top 10 list with the rest being main or side dishes.  Chicken recipes ruled the roost, along with the expected accompaniments: rice and potatoes. Pressure cooker hard-boiled eggs are a new classic that has appeared on all previous top 10 lists, since we started making them!

10. Buffalicious Chicken Wings – We were inspired by classic Buffalo Wings but we “healthyfied” them by steaming and broiling instead of frying.  You get the same spicy kick, without the guilt.

9. Pressure Cooker Pasta CasserolePressure Cooker Pasta Casserole – This recipe showcases the “hip” of  hip pressure cooking: new techniques (pressure cooking pasta on low pressure for al dente results) and those extra 5 minutes (sliding the casserole under the broiler) to bring a humble pressure cooked dish from eh to fantastic!

8. Pressure Cooker Roast Potatoes – We came up with a way to get that “roasted” potato flavor even before the oven has had a chance to pre-heat. 

7. Whole Pressure Cooked Chicken – on a can – Most books and websites advise pressure cooking a small chicken.  That only works if your family has a small appetite – when has that ever happened at dinner in your house? Exactly.  We sit the chicken in the pressure cooker base (with can or sans) to cook a bigger bird.

6. Pressure Cooker Risotto  Risotto is a de-facto classic.  It’s so easy and fast and the results are nearly identical to it being made traditionally but for half an hour longer – our technique includes a technique on adding veggies without making your risotto soggy.

5. Pressure Cooker BBQ Pork RibsPressure Cooker BBQ Ribs – This new technique of pre-pressure cooking meat before putting it on the barbie was a no-brainer.  We showed you how to get flavor into the meat -not just on it – and share your barbecue awesomeness with family friends as they nibble on melt-in-your mouth meat.

4. Pressure Cooker Hard-boiled Egg – This technique never gets old, because the eggs are always perfectly peeled.  Hard-boiled eggs are the new pressure cooker classic – it’s withstood the test of time, and pressure!

3. Pulled pork carnitas lettuce wraps – This recipe has been in the the top 10 since we published it two years ago – not only is this pork fall-apart tender (so you’re not going to be doing much pulling) but it can be used as suggested (in crunchy lettuce wraps), or in tacos, burritos, tamales and quesadillas, too.

2. Two easy ways to Steam Rice in the Pressure Cooker – Many share the fact that a pressure cooker can replace a rice cooker – but  exactly how this can happen was never made very clear.  We offered you two ways to steam rice, and you sure did!

1.Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice  Perfect Pressure Cooker Chicken & Rice – We decided to tackle this recipe when a famous American cooking institution published a chicken and rice recipe warning the cook against stirring the rice- lest it turn into mush.  Newsflash: If rice is going to fall apart just by stirring: it’s already overcooked.

We developed a new technique to ensure that all of the components of this dish are perfectly cooked – simply cooking them sequentially. The flavors were heavily inspired by the traditional Saudi Arabian chicken and rice dish Kabsa. This recipe received rave reviews from readers all over the world and it’s a dish we make often in our hip family kitchen, too. Try it!

Top 5 Pressure Cooker Articles of the year:

Pressures and Boiling Points of WaterWe’re not just about the recipes, we’re about the info – reliable, researched fact-checked information. Here’s w which info got the most clicks this year.

5. Five amazing pressure cooker meat tips & tricks 

4. STOP making these pressure cooking MISTAKES!  

3. THE COOKBOOK: “Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful”

2. Pressure Cooker PSI FAQ: the stuff you didn’t think to ask about pressure 

1. The difference between stove top and electric pressure cookers 

Honorable mentions:

We really like compiling this annual list and sharing it with you.  It’s fun to see what everyone is cooking and the list guies our recipe development for the next year. But, guess what? The top ten lists themselves are quite popular, too!  The 10 Top Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2012 has become 4th most visited page on the entire website! The other two top ten lists are in the top 25 most viewed pages this year.

Please keep sharing these pressure cooker recipes, articles and techniques with your friends and have a delicious New Year.  Thank you!

Top 10 Pressure Cooker Recipes!

Top 10 Pressure Cooker Recipes of the Year!

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