electric pressure cooker
Treat your electric pressure cooker to the latest silicone accessories.  To protect it’s non-stick liner, and your precious fingers!

Silicone pinch-mitts.  Getting under the lip of the insert and lifting it out of the cooker can be quite a challenge.  These pinch-mitts are thin enough to fit under the lip and give you a good secure grip to pull the insert out of the pressure cooker without fear of it slipping back down and splattering dinner everywhere. In green frog, red rooster, blue dog and orange cat.

Silicone Steamer Basket.  For all electric pressure cookers with non-stick liner, a silicone steamer basket is an essential accessory to be able to expand the cooking capabilities.  Now, with the steamer basket the cook can steam and roast without worry of scratching the insert. The wider the steamer basket, the more vegetables you can fit in it. Do not get one with a center “stem” that way it can be used as a trivet in the pressure cooker as well! Also works with oval pressure cookers! In green or red.

Silicone-tipped utensils. Nothing is more delicate on the non-stick insert of your electric pressure cooker than utensils specifically designed not to damage the coating on non-stick cookware.

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  1. I never heard of “pinch-mitts” before! I can always count on you to show me what I didn’t know I needed.

    1. Oooh.. you MUST own a pair!

      Look into my eyes.

      You need them.

      You want them.

      You must make silly puppet shows with them. 8)



  2. Your hand is hairy.

    1. Hahaha! I hope so. It’s my husband’s hand!



  3. Can I use a silicone steamer basket for stove top pressure cookers too?

    1. Absolutely, they are heat resistant to 500F (260C) and your pressure cooker maxes out at 250F (120C).



  4. is there anything you would recommend to use as a rack? I have recipes that call for a rack and oven proof containers, and i’m concerned about using metal ones in my electronic pressure cooker because i don’t want to scratch the inside all up. kind of at a loss as to ideas to use instead. any help would be appreciated.

    1. Brenda, you can use a silicone steamer basket in place of a rack. I just realized all of the amazon links are missing from this story, will add them back shortly.



  5. I bought my piggy pinchers at Winners! $ 3.99 Canadian
    Love them, could not do without.

  6. Where are the links to purchase the pinch mitts??

    1. The links SHOULD show up on the page – push the shift key while clicking the littler “refresh” (arrow in a circle) button to see if you can see them now.



    2. No links for me either… until I disabled AdBlock.

      1. Thanks for solving the mystery!!



  7. Silicone steamer basket is really a must-have. I recently bought this one and love using it with instant pot: http://amzn.to/1Tc9yDk

  8. Can aluminum type steamers be used with the IP(s)…? I have a few-one is folding & has black rubber center knob to help pull out(I”m thinking no on that one…). It would be so nice to use
    the basket type-some look like mesh….I want to steam quite often. Thanks

    1. As long as it willful and take the heat you can use it.

      I do find that aluminium.adds an unpleasant flavour to the food . That is true even when not using a pressure cooker. So I don’t use Al at all for cooking.

    2. Are you sure that your folding steamer is aluminum? All the “flower petal” foldable type steamers I have seen are made of thin stainless steel. Also the basket types are often made of stainless steel wire. Take a look at my steamer basket recommendations:
      If yours don’t look like any of those, post a picture – I’m curious as I’ve never seen a folding or mesh aluminum steamer. And, as Greg mentioned, if they are truly aluminum I would not use them directly in contact with food.



      1. Laura, my mother had an aluminium one but she probably bought it fifty or more years ago.

        1. Wow! Do you still have your mother’s steamer basket?!?



          1. No. It’s long gone.

  9. Hi there….I think I made a mistake…the folding steamer is stainless steel…the mesh type strainer came with set I recently purchased from QVC and is induction capable…I haven’t used my Instant Pot yet so I, of course, am hesitant and easily confused… I think I’ve got all that was on the site regarding steamers…and I thank both who helped me here. I just have one last thought….whatever steamer there is…if it has feet, it just goes into the removal pot with right amount of water, right? Thanks again..sorry I was confused about the aluminum…
    and mesh basket type that doesn’t fold.

  10. That is correct.
    add the correct water for your PC, then add the steamer and its contents. Or just put the steamer in and pour the water over. It’s just a little harder to estimate the correct quantity that way. But if you are measuring before pouring, no problems.

    Just one other issue: If your inner pot is non stick, the metal feet of the steamer may scratch the finish. But if it is a stainless steel pot (and I think the IP is) you won’t have a problem.

  11. All set now…I bought the silicone steamer and mini mits as well- only I purchased diff’t brand from IP as some reviewers said they weren’t keeping their fingers from getting very hot…they said only part of the mit was padded. Reviewers suggested the Dexas Mini Silicone Oven Mitt with Raised Nibs, I got those. Thanks to all who helped here…that was GREAT ! Best ~
    wonderful site.

    1. That’s great. It is a case of whatever works for you. I personally detest those silicone mini mitts. But I know Laura loves them.

  12. We’ll have to call you “The NIGHT OWlL.” I have one of those mitts(must have lost the other while waiting to get “things” related to IP…” it feels so odd, but I went on recommendation of L
    who says it’s s must! We’ll see!

  13. What do you suggest to go under a pip for easy removal?

  14. When the recipe calls for say 1 cup am I to use the little plastic cup that came with my pot or a standard 1 cup measure, because that little cup is less than one cup.

    1. Bobbi, my recipes call for a standard U.S. 8oz. measuring cup – aka not the one that came with the pressure cooker.



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