3 must-have accessories for electric pressure cookers

electric pressure cooker
Treat your electric pressure cooker to the latest silicone accessories.  To protect it’s non-stick liner, and your precious fingers!

Silicone pinch-mitts.  Getting under the lip of the insert and lifting it out of the cooker can be quite a challenge.  These pinch-mitts are thin enough to fit under the lip and give you a good secure grip to pull the insert out of the pressure cooker without fear of it slipping back down and splattering dinner everywhere. In green frog, red rooster, blue dog and orange cat.

Silicone Steamer Basket.  For all electric pressure cookers with non-stick liner, a silicone steamer basket is an essential accessory to be able to expand the cooking capabilities.  Now, with the steamer basket the cook can steam and roast without worry of scratching the insert. The wider the steamer basket, the more vegetables you can fit in it. Do not get one with a center “stem” that way it can be used as a trivet in the pressure cooker as well! Also works with oval pressure cookers! In green or red.

Silicone-tipped utensils. Nothing is more delicate on the non-stick insert of your electric pressure cooker than utensils specifically designed not to damage the coating on non-stick cookware.

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