5 Amazing Pressure Cooker Veggie Tips & Tricks!

Pressure cooking your vegetables can preserve the most flavor, color and vitamins – but a moment of inattention can reduce them to dull pulp.  Here are my tips for getting the most out of your pressure cooked veggies!

Save vitamins and water.  Your pressure cooker already preserves vitamins that are oxygen and light sensitive during cooking by expelling almost all of the oxygen before reaching pressure.  Save water-soluble vitamins too by keeping the veggies out of the cooking liquid. Place them in a steamer basket with the minimum amount of water required by your pressure cooker – save the remaining liquid after cooking as a stock- it’s full of delicious veggie juice!

Go Low…  Pressure.  If your pressure cooker has two pressure settings: High (2 ) and Low (1) use the lowest setting to ensure your vegetables are not overcooked in an instant.  All vegetables, with the exception of potatoes and winter squash, only need about 5 minutes under pressure to be fully cooked. Use the Low Pressure setting on your pressure cooker to increase the cooking time and chances of success!

Time Check and Digital Help.  Always look up the cooking time for the vegetable you are about to pressure cook in your user manual or my pressure cooker timing chart.   Keep exact track using the digital timer on your microwave (if you have one), the timer in your cell phone, or go techie and get a snazzy digital timer to add to your useful kitchen gadget collection!

Quick Release.  Open your pressure cooker as fast as possible. Using the Normal Release method – we no longer recommend using the cold-water quick release method.

Chill!  As long as vegetables are still steaming after being removed from the pressure cooker, they are still cooking.  If your recipe calls for al dente veggies dunk them  (steamer basket and all) in a prepared ice-water bath, or run cold water over them in the sink to stop the cooking process.

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