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  1. hi there,
    for the Instant Tobasco recipe would it make any difference if one chopped the chilies in a food processor rather than by hand? that is – before pressure cooking them?
    they would be a bit mushier but would that matter – they get strained at the end after all.
    Look forward to your response
    thank you

    1. Suzy, generally in pressure cooking you want rather large pieces of food for two reasons. The first, so that no small pieces jam themselves into the safety system of the pressure cooker, and the second is that there is a risk that the veggie the pulp would rest on the base of the cooker and burn- where large pieces would be less likely to make a uniform coating of the base.

      The second reason is why most of my fruit jams and spreads start with nearly whole, or very roughly chopped fruit.



  2. thank you Laura :)

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