5 Ways To Pressure Cook Eggs!

1. Chinese Marbled Eggs
Using the bain marie method, hard-boiled eggs are cracked and pressure cooked again to press a pretty pattern on the egg. Switch to beet juice for pink eggs and spinach juice for green.

2. Veggie-poached Eggs
Fill a tomato, pepper, or even large zucchini cup with an egg and pressure cook it to perfection!

3. Eggs En Cocotte
In a ramekin with a little cured meat and herbs.

4. Pots de Creme
The easiest custard of all, no carmellizing sugar, no turning it out, and no worries about it setting! Just eggs, dairy, sugar and your favorite flavor.

5. Hard-boiled
Make a perfect boiled egg straight from the chicken (or your refrigerator) with no green rings, no cracks and best of all… easy to peel.

How do you pressure cook, your eggs?