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Manufacturer Website: Electrolux

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  1. Which voltage does this pressure cooker have? Is it 220? If so can it be used in the USA?

    1. Tessa, if you purchase it in the U.S. it will be the right voltage. Some manufacturers make the same pressure cooker with different voltages to serve both the American and non-U.S. market. If you bring a pressure cooker from, for example, UK and try to use it in the US you will need to purchase a voltage converter which costs as much (or more) than the pressure cooker. Same thing if you bring a pressure cooker from U.S. to Europe. I actually live in Italy and have to use a voltage converter to use the cookers designed for the U.S. market that manufacturers send me.

      I hope this helps!



  2. I cannot close the lid, it does not want to close at all Please help.

    1. I have the same problem. Any advice?

  3. The liner of the cooking pot is damaged. Is it possible to replace the pot?

    1. Check the manufacturer’s website for replacement parts. If they have a new inner-bowl it should be listed there.



  4. Please can I Replace tered pressure valve

    1. You can contact the manufacturer directly by clicking the word “Electrolux” next to the heading “Manufacturer”.



  5. Is it possible to use my AEG pressure cooker like a slow cooker?
    I have heard that some pressure cookers have a ‘built-in’ slow cooker function.

  6. I hate this pressure cooker. It is rocket science to set even the time on the pot. I pres until I get to the right setting, then I set the time and then the time never run out it even if I press start, this annoy the hell put of me and I wil never recommend the AEG PRESSURE COOKER – you will find yourself in hell because of this time consuming cooking manner!!!!

  7. I DROpped the cooking pot (inside) of the cooker and it bent. can I purchase this component separately>

  8. How do I set the time to pressure cook on high
    Thank you

  9. Water was dropped in the pot itsel without the inner How can I get it out…….?…Please help

  10. Good morning. My AEG pressure cooker it’s making a beep noise. It’s not cooking anymore. Please help with the advice how do I go about fixing it.

  11. Good day, were can buy an new sealing ring ?

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