All-clad PC8 Prescision Pressure Cooker

Model No. 1500435542


Manufacturer Website: All-clad Metalcrafters, LLC

Hip Info

Here is the important information about this pressure cooker we were able to gleen from the marketing materials.

This pressure cooker operates at 8psi (55kpa) – that about half of most stovetop pressure cookers (15psi) and even lower than most electric pressure cookers (10psi). None of the recommended pressure cooking times on this website will work with this pressure cooker (without some calculations).

Unfortunately, all stove top pressure cookers that include a digital timer/control on the lid, have had some problems with durability. That is the hottest part of the pressure cooker and, unless properly isolated, electronics, batteries, and plastic don’t do well in super-heated environments. This does not mean that this will happen with the All-Clad PC8, but there is a historical precedent we’ve personally noticed and has been reported by readers in various discussions on this website.

The marketing materials state that the All-Clad features a “patented timer” but there is no explanation about the technology this offers. In fact, All-Clad doesn’t hold any patents on pressure cooker timers so they’re very likely using the same SEB technology they used on the T-Fal Nutricook/Acticook (see discussions about the problems with it here).

This pressure cooker is manufactured in France, not the USA as other All-Clad cookware products.

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  1. Please let me know if you get the manual or the cookbook!

    1. Hi Wendy, I found the manual (it is uploaded on the page where you left the comment, now) – I’ll keep a look-out for the recipe booklet!



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