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Laura Pazzaglia, the founder of, has got her hands full this summer!  She’s here from Italy to share her fast and easy pressure cooker recipes at local house ware stores.

Her demo tour took off last week at  Williams-Sonoma new demonstration kitchen in Santa Clara’s Valley Fair Mall.  She made an eggplant caviar in just minutes, a rib recipe steamed above beans boiling below and finished with a quick dessert of almond and ginger-snap cookie stuffed “baked” apples – served a la mode.

Laura says that it’s the special touches that make her recipes “hip.” It starts with the ingredients – nothing processed and everything fresh.  Prep is cut to a minimum with simple tools, like an immersion blender or mandolin, to save time during preparation as well.  After pressure cooking,  a recipe might slide under the broiler to bring it from ho-hum boiled to perfectly caramelized meal.

Attendees of the first demo were curious and some,  already researching a pressure cooker to purchase,  were armed with a slew of questions – which Laura stayed-behind to answer.

“Pressure cooking is so easy and safe, today.  Every cook should not  just cook, anymore.  They need to get pressure cooking!” says Laura.  “The results are not just faster, they taste better too”

Taste the results for yourself at one of her upcoming demonstrations.

Some of them (indicated with a * below) will feature a braised chicken dish . She pairs it with her famous 1-minute quinoa  which is brought to pressure for just one minute and then cooks  using only the residual heat and steam left in the pressure cooker without any energy at all.  This demonstration is finished with silky honey custards that are made using just three ingredients!

Here are the remaining dates for this year’s demo tour..

chalkboard announcing pressure cooker demo

8/3/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall
Fagor Futuro

8/8/12, 12-2pm
Williams-Sonoma, Stanford Shopping Center
Fagor Futuro

8/10/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall*
Fagor Futuro

8/11/12, 12-1:30pm
Pans on Fire

previous pressure cooker demo

Fagor Futuro

8/17/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall
Fagor Futuro

8/24/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall*
Fagor Futuro

Already pressure cook or have a cooker hiding in a box hidden in the basement?  Laura wants you to bring it to the event. After the demo, she will stay behind and share tips to improve your pressure cooking or get started.

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  1. Oh I wish you would come visit us in Houston TX.

  2. can I bring my pressure canner for you to take a look at?

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not an expert with pressure canners. You should bring it to your local university’s agricultural department extension for a check-up. Come anyway, and you can tell me what you cook in your pressure canner!



  3. San Diego, please!

  4. come to boston…please! i work at Williams-Sonoma here in boston and tell everyone that will listen to my pressure cooker ramblings about your site. i have only been using pressure cookers for about 2 years now and can’t stop trying to plant the pressure cooker “seed” in everyones head. i have been known to start chatting with people at line in the grocery store and by the time we check out i have convinced them that they need a pressure cooker :)…yes it is that BAD! if you ever make it out to boston check in with our store because i am sure that people would love to come to one or more of your demostrations. thanks, beth

  5. I so enjoyed meeting you today at Pans on Fire. I love my reassure cooker and use it often but I always like to get new ideas. I will be making the ribs tomorrow and I am so intrigued with the layering of beans. After I play with the lemon marmalade, which I have ben craving since Capri, I will also play with the mandarin marmalade.

    I’d love to send you some of my homemade blackberry jam as a thank you for today’s demo. I really enjoyed it.

    If you ever venture out to the Livermore wine country, I can make some suggestions on local places that specialize in Italian varieties. My husband escapes his technology stress by making wine.

    1. Sharon, You are too kind! Thanks for the offer of the jam.. your husband is a budding vintner, too?!? You have quite a production going at home!

      Let me know how the seedless mandarin marmalade turns out. The skin seems so thin and the pith almost non-existent it seems like it might work. Just in case, I recommend doing a small test batch (maybe a pound of mandarins and a pound of sugar) to see if they come out bitter and calculate how much sweetening they really need.

      Have fun, and send pictures to post on Facebook!



  6. Hi Laura! I owe your awesome demo in Pleasanton to wipe any fear and doubts about pressure cooking. I ordered a Fagor 6 qt and am eagerly awaiting to start PC’ing right away. Thank you!

    1. Sheila, I just saw you work for the Police Department – I can’t imagine you being afraid of anything!

      Keep me posted on your progress and post/email any questions.



  7. Will you be doing the pressure cooker bread, too?

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