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Hip Notes:

Although the Ball FreshTech Automatic Canner is meant to be used “hot water bath canner” it uses 3psi of pressure to steam jars of jams, pickles and sauces at the equivalent of boiling temperature for altitudes up to 9,000 feet. It is not meant to be used as a pressure canner, and cannot be used to can meat or non-acidic vegetables, although it is in an electric pressure cooker body.

Although outwardly it resembles and electric pressure cooker, according to the patent filing for this product, this cooker has two temperature sensors (on in the base and one in the lid) plus an additional pressure sensor (in the lid) – to continuously monitor the internal temperature and pressure during the heat-up, processing, and cool-down phases.  Also, it vents continuously during use. So the timings, pressures, phases and procedures for this cooker cannot be applied to any electric pressure cooker to “hot water bath can” using pressurized steam – follow NCHFP guidelines, instead.

Manufacturer Website: Ball

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  1. Hi Laura
    I have bought IP duo 7 in 1, can I use this as a water bath canner like the Ball? I see it operates at a low psi. If so, what timings and pressure could I use?
    Many thanks

  2. Why on earth would someone spend this kind of money on a waterbath pan? I’ve been canning for 40 years and laughed at the nonsense when I read this. Waterbaths do not take that long in the first place. Proper pressurized canning is for vegetables and meats. This doesn’t state this until the very end, but tries to fool people into believing this is needed in place of a waterbath canner. How ridiculous! Save the expense and don’t add another nuisance item to the home.

  3. I really like using this machine. I just do basic tomato canning, and this removes all the guesswork, hassle, and pain from the process (compared to my experience with stovetop waterbath canning).

  4. I love mine. I do not have to stand there and watch it. Perfect machine long overdue. Just wish it held more jars.

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