Better pressure cooker pasta – a new recipe series!

Starting September 21st, a new recipe series is coming to shake-up your pressure cooking.If you already love your pressure cooker because it cooks foods faster, with more taste and vitamins and less fuel, Hip Pressure Cooking is about to give you another reason: better pasta!

The Hip Pressure Cooking test kitchen is  located in Italy, which means that tackling pasta in the pressure cooker is both controversial and it has to live up to the highest standards – which is why we’ve been spending over six months perfecting a technique for cooking pasta in the pressure cooker  – which we will teach you in the upcoming 4-recipe series.The new series promises:

  • Pasta that will remain al dente – or you can cook it a little more to your preference.
  • No Mess – You can cook the sauce and pasta together. No sauce pot, no tomato splatters on your cook top, no pasta strainers.
  • Bolder Stronger Flavors – The pasta absorbs the sauce, instead of just being coated with it.
  • Faster!

The new series will launch with one of the easiest pressure cooker pasta recipes, ever: Farfalle al’Arrabiata – Spicy Bow Ties. The following recipes will include something veggie, something cheesy and something meaty.

Here are the recipes in this series (links will be added as the recipes are published):

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