Bon Appetit


  1. I have a model BAPCR010 bon appetit pressure cooker and am missing the power cord… any suggestions on how to find the right one?- thanks, Peg

    1. I know that post was a long time ago but if you still need one I have a power cord plus you can even have the pan for inside mine quit working let me know I would just charge you for the shipping.

      1. Peggy just comment here if you’re still interested, and I can do the e-mail address exchange for you to get in touch with each other. That is so kind of you Kim!!



        1. Kim
          I need the jiggler If you still have it. I bought one on ebay for my daughter and the jiggler they sent with it wasn’t the correct one.

          1. Jeannie, contact the re-seller on e-bay. Maybe they can find a replacement, or at least you can get your money back while you find a suitable part that will fit.



      2. Hi Kim
        I am looking for the Pressure regulator (Jiggler) for the BAPCR010 bon appetit pressure cooker if you still have it.

        1. I am so sorry. I no longer have the pressure cooker.

      3. Thanks anyway Kim.
        I just hate to throw away a new cooker just because it was missing a little (critical) part.

  2. In the manual, it looks like a fairly standard IEC C13/14 or an IEC C15/16.
    Most likely a C15 as that has a higher temperature rating. Though my Breville uses the lower rated one.

    See here for details:

    Have a look at the inlet and see if it has the notch. If it does you will need the high temperature version. Generally called a kettle plug.You should be able to pick one up at an appliance spares shop. If it doesn’t have the notch, then pretty much any shop that sells stuff for computers should be able to help you out with the C13 type.

    1. Oh. I forgot. If you ask at a computer store, ask for an IEC cord. If you ask at an appliance store, ask for a kettle cord.

      1. THANK YOU GREG!!!!!!!!I

        It’s the C13, got mine at best buy. Great advice. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  3. Anyone now where to get replacement gaskets? Bon Appetit BAPCR010

  4. I have a multi cooker model BADRC010 I need to find a manual so I can learn how to use it. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank You.

  5. bapcr010 e4 on display what do I do now?

  6. product was a gift

  7. I have a bon Appétit 7 quart pressure cooker. I don’t use it very often, so I always struggle with starting it. The reason for this is, all the printing has worn off the buttons! I forget which is which and have to drag out the manual, which, by the way, I had to download on my computer.

    1. I have the same problem with the print on my BAPCRO10.. I don’t see any thing in my manual that shows the buttons. I have the original one. Does your downloaded manual show the buttons? This does pose a problem when using the cooker infrequently. Thank you..

    2. Sue Peloso, I had sent you a reply about the buttons on this pressure cooker.. I remember what the last button was. It was Delay. Your manual will give instructions about the buttons. Hope you got my first replay.

  8. Hi all.
    If anyone’s cooker quits or you get a different one and don’t want the BAPCR010 bon appetit anymore. I would like to buy your old BAPCR010 bon appetit cooker for parts.

  9. I have contacted them. Several times. They have nothing and the Pressure Cooker in not made anymore. No extra parts. I have looked and looked. My daughter had this one too long before she tried to use it and the place I bought it said “Sorry”.

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