For Model Number: BPR200 (Australia) BPR600, BPR600XL (USA)

Gasket Recalled

Last week, Breville USA announced a voluntary safety recall for gaskets of over 35,000 “Fast Slow Cooker” (model number BPR600XL). This recall covers the gaskets in cookers with production batch numbers starting from 1235 and 1529. Previously, in October 2015, Breville Australia and New Zealand announced a recall of the “Fast Slow Cooker” (model number BPR200)  gasket from units with production batch numbers from 1034 to 1511.

Read more: Consumer Alert: Breville Fast Slow Cooker Gasket Recalled

Instruction Manual

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Manufacturer Website


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  1. If I set the timer for 15 minutes it does not change. It stays at 15 and does not tell me how much time remaining. I call the customer support but some in French answers and then hangs up. I am English.

    1. Roxanna, the time will not start counting down until the cooker has reached pressure (in about 10 minutes). Try again with water, and take a look at my “Getting Acquainted” episode of the Pressure Cooking School to see if your cooker is working as it should:



  2. Just purchased a new fast/slow cook pot and was surprised to see that there was no instruction manual included. Should our box have included one? If so how do I get one from you?

    John J Totten

    1. John, click on the link called “Download” above where you left your comment.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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