Update: The pressure cooker has launched and we reviewed it!  Take a look at the Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker Review!

In October, Breville will debut a new electric pressure cooker “the Fast Slow Pro™” in the U.S.  We got a paper preview of the new model and the opportunity to be the first to share the details of this new electric pressure cooker.

It’s got more sensors, more pressures, more features and it’s easier to clean, too.

Here are the new features listed in the marketing materials and specs:

Marketing photo of Breville's new electric pressure cooker"the Fast Slow Pro"
Marketing photo of Breville’s new electric pressure cooker”the Fast Slow Pro”
  • Dual sensors at the top and bottom of the bowl monitor the ingredients for more accurate pressure and temperature control
  • 8 pressure levels range from low (1.5 psi) to high (12 psi)
  • Color changing LCD tells you when the cooker is pressurizing, cooking or releasing steam
  • 2 slow cooker settings (high and low)
  • keep warm function turns on  automatically after cooking
  • PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coated inner pot
  • Dishwasher safe inner pot and lid

We carefully read an early version of this pressure cooker’s  instruction manual and spotted two more features that we think  will change the landscape of electric pressure cookers for the better.

This new pressure cooker releases pressure by itself and also adjusts cooking according to your altitude.

It’s a game-changer.

Hands-off Pressure Release

This cooker can do normal, intermittent (equivalent to slow normal) and natural pressure release.  Choose the opening method right after punching in the cooking time or, if you forgot, release pressure manually by pushing the release button in the front panel – no need to touch the valve on the lid.

This is a handy feature because even though electric pressure cooking is already hands-off  it still requires the cook to be there to release pressure (for quick-cooking foods).  Now, all you have to do is show-up to serve dinner when everything is really ready.

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We’ve already seen automatic pressure release from Groupe SEB/Moulinex’s Cookeo (only sold in Europe) and Everycook (in development), but this is the first time this feature is available to cooks in the U.S.

Altitude Adjustments

The Fast Slow Pro™ adjusts the cooking  settings based on the altitude of your current location (up to a maximum altitude of 6,500 ft).  All the cook has to do is input this setting once and the pressure cooker will remember the altitude (even after being un-plugged).  The Altitude can only be un-done by pushing a special combination of buttons to re-set the cooker to factory settings (sea level).

We’re looking forward to finding out more about how this feature actually works, since adapting cooking times for higher altitudes is often confusing for those new to pressure cooking.

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Oh, yea .. we’ll be reviewing it

A sample unit is on its way to the hip pressure cooking test kitchen,  and we will be posting a review of this new pressure cooker as soon as we get our hands on it.  Stay tuned, and sign-up for our totally awesome newsletter so you don’t miss our review of Breville’s Fast Slow Pro™ pressure cooker!

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In the meantime, enjoy this video demonstration of the Fast Slow Pro™ from Breville’s UK Affiliate, Sage Appliances (using a non-stick insert, the U.S. version will have a ceramic insert):

where to get it

The Fast Slow Pro™ will initially be sold exclusively through Sur La Table  currently on pre-order with a 10/13/15 expected ship-date for $249.95.

This electric pressure cooker is already available for purchase in Australia and the UK (under the brand name Sage Appliances).



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