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hip notes:

The manual does not explicitly state the minimum liquid requirement for this pressure cooker; but, based on our direct experience with this model, and other electric pressure cookers, we’ve been able to bring this cooker with as little as 1 1/2 cups (375ml) of liquid.

This electric pressure cooker reaches a maximum of 12 psi and releases it’s own pressure in three ways (Normal, Slow-Normal aka intermittent and Natural) via a button on the front or as programmed at the start of the recipe (when you’re inputting the cooking time and pressure).

It has pre-programmed pressures and times including “Desserts” and it defaults to 3 psi, “Vegetables” and “Rice” are 7.5psi, “Risotto” 6psi, “Soup” and “Poultry” 9psi, “Chili & Stew” 10.5 psi, and the other programs (Stock, Beans, Meat, Bone-in-meat, and Custom) are 12 psi (the equivalent of “high pressure”). It also has a “Manual” setting where you can select the pressure (2-12 psi) and cooking time.

The locking pin has a tendency of being mis-aligned with the lid (there is an image warning the cook on the “arm” of the cooker attached to the lid). So if you’re having problems bringing this cooker up to pressure (it takes too long, it never reaches pressure, the food on the base is scorched) make sure to look down to see if the locking pin is PERFECTLY aligned with the hole of the “arm”. This cannot be re-aligned once the cooker is building pressure, so release some pressure until the lid loosens, re-align and start again.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Error Messages & Codes

Error CodePossible CauseRecommended Actions
LID NOT SEALED- the lid is not closed properly
- the cooker is taking too long to reach pressure
-the gasket is no in the right position or it needs replacement
- check that there is enough liquid
-confirm that the locking pin in the lid is properly aligned
- ensure the silicone gasket is properly installed (or order replacement - they last 12-18 months)
Open Lid- the lid is locked in a function where it should be open- open the lid
Lock Lid- the lid is closed but not twisted locked- twist the lid closed
E0- the top sensor is open or shorted-out- contact Breville support
E1- the bottom sensor is open or shorted-out- contact Breville support

Manufacturer Website: Breville

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