pressure cooker 7 Instant Pot cheescake do's and don'ts

I’m about to tell you that everything you’ve heard about pressure cooking cheesecakes is wrong. But don’t start typing an angry comment, yet… hear me out!

  • DON’T use a spring-form or push-up pan (even silicone ones)
    Go solid silicone container, instead the steam will enter the crevices and give you a soggy crust while using a solid container the cheesecake batter will hermetically seal the cookie crust until the cake is finished cooking and starts cooling. Silicone makes it easy to unmold the cake.
  • DON’T cover-up the cheesecake – but be aware when removing the lid.
    Covering the cheesecake with foil during cooking will only prevent the steam from reaching the top of the cheesecake and cooking it. Pressure cook the cheesecake uncovered and then be aware when removing the lid that condensation might dribble on top of the cake – no big deal, just blot it off.
  • DON’T rush to open– use only Natural Release
    Not only does the cheesecake continue cooking during the release time, but.. well… remember the lesson when we showed you what happens inside the pressure cooker when using a normal or quick release? Well, that’s what is going to happen to your cheesecake if you rush it – the egg batter will boil violently and “scramble” the cake. This rule applies to all custard (egg-based) dessert recipes like flans and puddings (too).

And lastly, experiment. Use your own cheesecake recipe but follow my tips and techniques for cheesecake perfection!



pressure cooker 7 Instant Pot cheescake do's and don'ts

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  1. Do you have a particular solid silicone pan you recommend? ( I have a 6 qt Instant Pot) And do you recommend adding pressure time to recipes, since silicone takes longer to heat, or is the additional natural release time sufficient?


    1. Hi Anne J, I really like the one from Fagor America – it’s hard to find anywhere but they sell it directly on their website. It’s called “expansion kit” and both the silicone bowl and rack that I use in the video come from that. You can buy it here (NOT an affiliate link – I don’t earn any money if you clicking and buying anything there ; ):

      It’s a good size, and super-flexible (great for turning out the cheesecake).



      1. P.S. I found some alternatives on amazon, and I linked to them from this page, under the category “cake pans”:

        1. Mille grazie.


    1. You don’t have to make any conversions. Use the same buttons. : )



  3. Wish you had other “tips “ Like is the insta pot suppose to make noise or release steam while cooking

    1. Melissa, it’s supposed to be very quiet during pressure cooking. Maybe a very slight hiss. If it’s releasing steam while actually cooking the cooker didn’t seal correctly. It could be that there is something stuck in the valve, or that there is not enough liquid for the cooker to reach pressure.

      The level of sound the cooker makes during the water test, is the same level that it’s supposed to make during cooking. Here’s how you can do it:



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