Consumer Alert: Breville Fast Slow Cooker Gasket Recalled

Breville Fast Slow Cooker Recall

Last week, Breville USA announced a voluntary safety recall for gaskets of over 35,000 “Fast Slow Cooker” (model number BPR600XL). This recall covers the gaskets in cookers with production batch numbers starting from 1235 and 1529. Previously, in October 2015, Breville Australia and New Zealand announced a recall of the “Fast Slow Cooker” (model number BPR200)  gasket from units with production batch numbers from 1034 to 1511.

This recall, does not affect Breville’s newest pressure cooker model the “Fast Slow Pro” – which has a different lid and gasket design.

The Problem

The gaskets from the recalled pressure cookers sport an asymmetrical gasket that can be accidentally placed into the lid upside down.

Breville Recalled Gaset

The recalled Breville Fast Slow Cooker gasket includes arrows pointing up  and the word “TOP”.

Excerpt from Breville Fast Slow Cooker explains how to place gasket.

Excerpt from Breville Fast Slow Cooker instruction manual shows how to place the now-recalled gasket.

The recalled gaskets are made of transparent silicone and in include the word “TOP” and an arrow pointing up on the inside rim.

While the instructions  with the pressure cooker manual say to install the gasket with the arrow pointing up and away from the lid, some cooks may not have seen this message or might think that “top” means that the arrow should be pointing to the lid.

The misplacement of this gasket might not be immediately apparent as the cooker may build and maintain pressure as expected but the gasket could collapse unexpectedly release pressure with hot steam, liquid, and some contents from underneath the lid.

Breville USA has received five reports of steam or hot contents escaping from the pressure cooker, resulting in five reports of burns, including second degree burns to the hands, arms or stomach. Although the pressure cooker is safe to use when the gasket is placed in the correct position, Breville recommends that cooks stop using this pressure cooker immediately until the gasket is replaced.

Get a Free replacement gasket

Consumers with appliances that are affected by this recall can contact Breville for a free replacement gasket be by filling out the form on the Breville USA website , contacting Breville Australia or Breville New Zealand.

The replacement gasket is gray and has triangle arrows and the word “LID.” The replacement gasket should be installed with the arrows pointing down and towards the lid.

The replacement gasket includes triangle arrows pointing down and the word "LID".

The replacement gasket includes triangle arrows pointing down and the word “LID”.

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Gasket RECALLED on Breville Fast Slow Cookers

Gasket RECALLED on Breville Fast Slow Cookers