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Authoritative, concise, and creative, Hip Pressure Cooking is the final word on using your pressure cooker to full effect.

—John Becker  and Megan Scott, The Joy of Cooking

Over 200 new pressure cooker recipes, quick & detailed overview for beginners plus tips & tricks to write and adapt your own recipes.

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Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful is the culmination of almost 10 years of daily pressure cooking experience, experiments and  knowledge-seeking with over 200 classic and completely new no-fail  recipes for both electric and stove-top pressure cookers.

The beginning of each chapter explains how certain ingredients react under pressure with tips, rules of thumb along with any safety considerations.  Like, why pressure cooked meats should be opened with natural release and what that low pressure setting is used for.

The book was written for cooks of any level. Beginners will find the explanation of pressure cooking helpful along with directions on how to use their new pressure cooker for the first time.

Experienced cooks can flip to the relevant ingredient category and get the information they need about that food to make their own pressure cooker recipe or adapt their favorites.  I introduce two new pressure cooker opening methods plus a whole chapter with ideas and suggestions on how to combine several dishes to cook together.

iconsSpecial features include a visual guide at the beginning of each recipe to show which accessories are needed (if any), and what to do for halving our doubling a recipe.

Plus, things you’ve come to expect from the hip pressure cooking website –  measurements in whole vegetables (one medium carrot instead of 3/4 cups chopped carrot), the least number of ingredients to get the most effect; and,  harnessing the pressure cooker’s merits (speed, heat, evaporation and infusion) to get the most flavor in the least amount of time.

I can’t wait for you to see the amazing collection of information and recipes I’ve put together – a delicious eggplant parmigiana, quick one-pot ribs & beans, and one of my favorite creations: three ingredient flan!

preview recipes
Laura Pazzaglia, the author, holds open "Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful" to give readers a sneak-peek at the first pages.

Take a peek at a few of the recipes and photos inside the book, that the publisher posted on the amazon.com product listing (click to enlarge).

a_beans a_egg
a_pork a_lasagna

advance praise

We sent an early preview of this book to notable cooks and manufacturers, and this is what they had to say:

Laura has done a tremendous job in making pressure cooking approachable and easy to understand. She has brought the “fun” back into pressure cooking. This book is packed with all of her knowledge and will turn you into a true pressure cooker expert.

-Anne-Mari Kelly, Director Sales & Marketing WMF Americas Group Inc.

One of my favorite kitchen tools is the humble pressure cooker. It is an amazing tool for rapidly turning tough foods tender and maximizing flavor. Sadly, pressure cooking is often misunderstood, but Laura Pazzaglia does a fantastic job in explaining the hows and whys of this invaluable cooking method.

—Chris Young, co-founder of www.ChefSteps.com and coauthor of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

Due to their safety and convenience, electric pressure cookers are rapidly replacing age-old stove-top pressure cookers. However, no one has tackled writing quality recipes for them until now. This is the only book that covers this appliance with new knowledge in a practical and lively manner. Highly recommended.

—Robert J. Wang, CEO, Instant Pot Company

If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of pressure cooking, this book will make you want to rush out and buy a cooker. Hip Pressure Cooking is a treasure trove of imaginative recipes and ingenious techniques that will quickly convince you that there’s no better way to prepare healthy, delectable, contemporary meals in minutes.

—Lorna Sass, author of Pressure Perfect and Great Vegetarian Cooking under Pressure

It is exciting to see a creative handbook that we can reach for as a resource rather than guesstimating a starting point in the kitchen.

—H. Alexander Talbot & Aki Kamozawa, culinary consultants and authors of Ideas in Food and Maximum Flavor

Laura Pazzaglia is one of the most knowledgeable pressure cooker experts we know. . . This book is a comprehensive guide to pressure cookery for everyone—from the beginner to the chef.

—René ab Egg, head marketing & product management, Kuhn Rikon AG, pressure cooker manufacturers

Authoritative, concise, and creative, Hip Pressure Cooking is the final word on using your pressure cooker to full effect. This isn’t just your grandmother’s cooking tool. The harried, modern home cook can benefit immensely from a pressure cooker’s ability to get an elegant and delicious meal on the table in short order…

—John Becker (Irma Rombauer’s grandson) and Megan Scott, The Joy of Cooking

Nearly everything I know and have learned about pressure cooking is in this book! My hope is that it will become a treasured reference and inspire you to do most of your cooking under pressure.

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  1. Wow, this looks like a must buy! Congrats Laura!

    1. Grazie Franco! I remember you’re in the NY area – once I get the schedule of demos up for this summer I hope you’ll find one near you so we can finally meet!

      I’m looking forward to meeting all of my readers, some who post frequently or run blogs I follow, I feel like I already know. : )



  2. I ordered my copy back in February. Glad to see it is on track for September release. This is one cookbook I am really looking forward to.

  3. Laura – a hearty congrats! Your blog converted me over to a pressure cooking fanatic! Looking forward to your cookbook!

  4. Your blog is my favorite pressure cooker blog, so my copy is pre-ordered! I’ve given two Instant Pot Duos for gifts and I’m planning to buy another IP DUO as a gift when the UK version comes out in August. So I’ll probably buy multiple copies to give as gifts, too.

    1. Thank you, and what a great way to share pressure cooking with your friends and loved ones!



      1. My copy arrived on Sunday. Wow! Laura, you’ve hit a home run. I have about a dozen cookbooks focused on pressure cooking and I can tell already that this one is going to be at the top of the stack.

        Not only is the book beautifully written and designed, but it physically feels good in the hands and stays open on the counter while following a recipe (an important function in a cookbook!). I agree with another commenter that not having a dust jacket is a huge plus. I’m not going to put the book cover to a test, but it appears to be a material that will resist splatters and spills.

        The book organization, recipe layout, and index makes finding and following the recipes very easy; the photos are very appetizing, and the tips and information will make a pressure cooker champion out of anyone who uses the book.

        I’ve only made one recipe so far, but I’m looking forward to making many more. Last night we had the Cannelloni beans with tomato-sage sauce with sausage variation. The only disappointment was that there weren’t enough leftovers for my lunch today, LOL. I substituted Mayocoba beans for cannelloni because they were the closest bean variety I had on hand, and the sausage I used was house-made fresh mild Italian sausage from the meat counter at my local Whole Foods (I stocked up on sausage for my freezer during their Labor Day Weekend sale). I picked sage from my garden. Delicious!

        1. Thank you! Yes, the mother-company of my publisher is Macmillan (of textbook making fame) so they know how to make solid books!

          Sounds like you’ll have to make twice the recipe, next time. : )



  5. Ciao Laura,
    I am new to pressure cooking (I have always been fearful of p.cookers although I have seen them used over the years by my Mother and Nonna’s). Since discovering your website and trying a few of your recipes with great success, I am now converted and always looking for any excuse to use my pressure cooker. What an amazing way to cook, a real time saver (especially with a young family) and such flavoursome meals. I am from Melbourne, Australia and would love to purchase your cookbook – will I be able to purchase in Australia/or can I order through your website?
    Congrats on your book and keep up the great work with your blog – LOVE IT!

    1. Hi Mel,
      I am in Sydney (well sort of). I ordered my copy from amazon,com with no problems. See the link above. While you are waiting there is plenty of stuff here to try. More than a few of the dishes have hit our high rotation menu.


  6. Thanks Greg. Will check it out. I too am excited about this cookbook ! Anticipating lots of great recipes!
    Mel :)

  7. Pre purchased ages ago…can’t wait to get my copy.
    All best wishes for much success with your book!!!

    1. Thanks Carla. Will purchase this week.

  8. I preordered mine and it just showed up today – one day early! I haven’t had time to look through many recipes yet, but I have to say that this is easily the *nicest* PC cookbook I’ve seen. The color photos are beautiful and the cover and pages are all of the highest quality.

    I’m very happy that it is a hardbound book without a dust jacket. They just get in the way in the kitchen.

    1. Great to hear – yes the publisher decided on how to make the cover – I’d only heard of text books being done this way before – but the book has a sating finish and I thought it was a great idea!!



  9. My first one is flagged a shipped, but ETA is 11 Sept :(
    No sign of second one yet, but that order is only a week or two old.

  10. Hopefully you’ll get the second notice, soon. Monday was a holiday in the U.S. so I bet amazon will be up and buzzing at full speed soon!



    1. I got the second notice today. ETA is Sept 27.

      The second is an XMAS present for my niece. She went out and bought an electric PC after sampling an Asian themed meal at my place. I did Keralan Chicken Curry (TheKitchn) and a Massaman Curry (DadCooksDinner) and rice in the PCs as well as a Palak Paneer and several chutneys. They demanded recipes and the next time we visited them they had a PC.


  11. Laura,
    UPS just delivered my book! Spent several minutes skimming it. IMPRESSIVE!!! I’d also ordered one for our son (a new pressure cooker convert). He’s going to be thrilled.

    Congratulations on a wonderful book!

  12. Got my copy yesterday…perfect condition.
    LOVE it…made excellent bed time reading. Can’t decide what to try first.
    Wish you much success and many more cookbooks!!

    1. Well.. you can always start at the Desserts, and work your way forward. : )



  13. Got my pre-ordered copy 2 days ago. Made the chinese chicken last night and it was fantastic! Could not believe how flavorable. Own all the Lorna Sass books and was excited to add this one to the collection. Not disappointed!!

    1. You’ll love the packeting section and my riff of Lorna’s Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Carrots meal. : )



  14. YAY – it came! I had it on pre-order with Amazon. Sat down to read it cover to cover; better than a novel. Beautiful book, – I can’t wait to try so many of the recipes. Congratulations Laura

    1. Oh, that’s great. Some of the recipe headnotes tell little interesting stories so I’m glad you’ve had a chance to read it all!



  15. Laura,
    I’ve made more than a half-dozen of the recipes and they are all wonderful. I needed some cooked chicken for another (non pressure cooker) recipe and I tried your recipe for a whole chicken, without sauteeing it as I didn’t need the color. I normally brine my chickens first but I didn’t this time. I was amazed at how juicy and tender the chicken was! Outstanding and fast!

    One comment about the “Steamed Beef with Spicy Rice Powder”, you must have some very shallow bowls to be able to stack enough of them to keep the beef in single layers. I sliced mine 3/16″ (5mm) thick and had “more beef than bowls”.

    1. I’m glad to read about your successes! Actually, in that recipe you should be using a heat-proof dish (technical name: plate : ) and you can wrinkle the beef together a little bit to get it to fit – apologies if that recipe was a bit of a challenge!

      Thanks for the feedback and, if you haven’t already, please make sure to pop by amazon to leave a review with your thoughts!



  16. You lucky devils! I pre ordered from amazon and still waiting here in uk, but, they did say it will be here soon, down from 24th October to 8th oct. not holding my breath though! Still, doing another recipe from the ite tonight instead.

    1. I contacted the UK distributor to find out what’s going on and they told me that amazon puts a far-out date when they don’t have the cases of books in-house yet (just to be safe). The plan is to have them there by October 1st, so hopefully you’ll get your book even sooner than October 8th!



  17. Received mine at last! Fab book, some great new recipes. The only down side is the lack of my favourite recipes from the site! Means I still have to log in to get them. Perhaps another book?
    Well done.

    1. I’d been toying with the idea of making Hip Pressure Cooking “to go.” Which means putting the website recipes in a book format- carefully curated, updated and annotated. But I just felt there was not enough interest to reward the effort. So, I’m glad to hear that you’d be interested in such an endeavor.

      Also, I’m working on the next book already which I plan to release myself perhaps in e-book and print-on-demand format. I found working with an editor very useful,so I will definitely do that again.

      I’m sorry it took so long for the book to get to you, but I’m glad it was worth the wait!



  18. Mille complimenti, Laura! Il tuo libro di cucina è meraviglioso! Ho già preparato più di 6 ricettie e tutte sono eccellente.

    1. Grazie Goivanni e benevenuto!



  19. Hey Laura, you might wanna make sure people know as well about your earlier cookbook from 2012, “The Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook”; I was surprised when I found it just now by accident searching for chestnuts in a pressure cooker. I was like, oh, I know that lady, lol.


    1. I don’t really promote the Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker because it was a joint project with that publisher. I re-wrote and “healthified” their recipes and adapted them to be used for both electric and stove top pressure cookers, then I included some recipes from the website. It doesn’t really feel like “my cookbook” so it doesn’t feel right to push it. But the Hip Pressure Cooking cookbook was my idea from the start, my words and all of my recipes. Over 200 of the recipes in the Hip Pressure Cooking cookbook are original, except about 10 from the website, which I included because I felt the book would be incomplete without them. : )



      1. P.S. Here is a list of the recipes that are on the website that are included in this book:

        As you can see half of them are techniques,that I mostly invented, so it would impossible to invent another technique for the same ingredients just for the book, and the others are classics that I think add to the collection of recipes I wrote specifically for the book.

        The Hip Pressure Cooking book contains precisely 247 recipes and variations -so if you remove the small selection I added from the website, that means it contains 234 original recipes.

    2. Randal,
      This cookbook has been discussed before. Last time, about 9 months ago I ordered from the only supplier claiming to have paper copies at the time. Despite the fact that the “supplier” (on eBay) claimed to be about 100km from where I live, I am still waiting. He claimed to have 5 copies. A month or two later he once again claimed to have 5 copies. sadly I had let the “claim refund for non delivery” time lapse before I realised it wasn’t coming. So I am poorer but wiser.

      Hopefully if you try your experience will be better than mine. Certainly more copies seem to have come out of the woodwork.

      Thank you for reminding me though. I may try for the eBook version this time. That should be safe. Though I prefer paper for cookbooks so I can scribble on them.

  20. Oh okay, thanks for catching me up, Laura and Greg!

    Greg sorry about your eBay experience, I expect most of us can expect one or two experiences like that with eBay eventually, sadly.

    Gotcha, Laura! :}

  21. I gave my son in law a pair of pressure cookers (ikea) and THE book for Christmas. He has now had time to play. I thought I would share his response here:

    “I wanted to say thank you again for your kind gifts for my birthday and Christmas, I have managed to have a good play with pressure cooking. After successfully managing to pressure cook some water the other day (and not lose a hand in the process), I decided to spend some time yesterday experimenting, and the results were amazing.

    I decided to start with something easy, so i picked the devilled eggs recipe from the cookbook. I looked at a lot of steamer accessories and ended up buying a small (16cm) bamboo basket stack which I used to sit the eggs in, with a cup of water at the bottom. This worked incredibly well (bright yellow yolks, cooked through but not tough and dry). While snacking on those, I popped some frozen BBQ pork buns into the bamboo basket and roughly followed the steamed bun instructions on p151. They turned out perfectly as well!

    Spurred on by the great lunchtime successes, I went for something slightly more involved and managed to cook my first risotto last night for dinner. I followed the basic recipe in the book and also watched Laura’s video on it to make sure I understood it, and the results were astounding – I’ve seen risotto dishes in Italian restaurants that weren’t this good. It wasn’t quite “Greg” level but it’s on the way :) I also had to laugh at the fact it took me longer to read and digest the recipe than it did to create the whole dish! I should have taken some photos but I was too eager to sample the food. Although I managed to snap a dodgy iPhone shot of the BBQ pork buns I did for lunch today.

    I suspected that I would find pressure cooking useful, but now that I’ve actually done it for myself I am stunned at the speed and the results. Now I just need to get out of the habit of going back and trying to stir the pot while it is cooking..”

    1. I really enjoyed reading your son-in-law’s note. Through it I re-lived my own the wondrous discovery of pressure cookery (though my start was much bumpier : ). I think that we can all relate to his quick conversion from “experimental” to “fanatical” because pressure cookers are one of those things that REALLY work. Thanks for sharing this!

      Greg, I appreciate your participation here and willingness to share what you learn here, too!



  22. Just got your book a few days ago. I have had it next to me for quick perusal during slow times since I received it. A very well thought out book. I especially was impressed with the one pot meal section. This is the kind of pressure cooking challenge that I am glad has been tackled in this kind of book. I need a bit more experience learning the temperments of my cookers before I go for the challenge of cooking a full meal in a single pot and cooking interval but it sure makes for a tasty goal to strive for. A very well written book. It is obvious that Laura has spent nearly countless hours getting these recipes and techniques together in one convenient text. A dream bargain for a such wealth of knowledge. No cook that uses pressure cooking in their kitchen should be devoid of this book. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this knowledge tous pressure cooking neophytes. JCN Green Bay

  23. Hello,
    I’m new to pressure cooking and am very interested in getting your book since it combines healthy cooking with quick cooking. I looked on Amazon and it was really expensive. When will the new edition be available?

    1. Welcome CT and thanks for writing! I haven’t had a chance to add the link, yet. But the book is currently for sale at the cover price at the Barnes & Noble website:



  24. I’ve really liked your Videos and I’d like to get a good book. I’ve been looking on Amazon, but can’t figure out one thing I’m looking for. Do the recipes of Nutrition information; such as calories, fat, fiber, protein, and such? I really like how the recipes on your website do! Thanks for any information you can pass along!

    1. No they don’t. Nor do they have alternate measurements. Just US cups and stuff. No grams. No litres. It is still a worthwhile purchase.

  25. I received an Instant Pot for Christmas and I am fast becoming a fanatic. I used one of Laura’s videos already for a beef roast with veggies – it turned out great. I am looking to purchase the cookbook but I’m unable to determine one thing – are there pictures of every dish? Or most? I find that for some reason I never choose a recipe if there is no picture of the finished product, hence I only buy books with pictures of everything! Thanks so much to anyone who can answer.

    1. I’m sorry, Patti-Ann, this book is not for you. There is a photo every 3-5 recipes. The book is more about techniques and information with lots of delicious recipes. There is no point in you buying it if you don’t think you will use or read it.



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