For Cook’s Essentials Model Number: 99700, 99740, includes recipes by Bob Warden
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Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. I need a pressure regulator knob, but the phone in the manual does not work , could you tell me where to call or where I can get a replacement, mine is broken the model is 9974

    1. If you can’t reach the manufacturer, you need to contact the retailer where you bought it from (QVC) – Cook’s Essentials is a special line designed for them. However, be aware that extra parts for older models may no longer be available. Unfortunately.



      1. Goodman’s
        Just received my replacement

        1. I have been searching for also for a part , pressure regulator knob, for my cooks essential pressure cooker. Just spotted the above Goodmans and bingo! ordered one up. Thank you Jenny. Will keep that number in my instruction book.

        2. I called them and they no longer carry parts for Cook’s Essentials and referred me to QVC which of course is no help as they sell products and do not make them. Nice person on the phone but just not a source of supply for Cook’s Essentials.

    2. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM REGULATOR KNOB BROKE. QVC told me to go to a hardware store yea right good luck with that one. I have been given the run around so much along with 10 different phone numbers to call. I will not buy anymore cooks essentials products or buy from QVC if they can’t back up there product.

      1. Unfortunately, if QVC does not have the replacement part for sale there is nothing that can be done. However, the “Cook’s Essentials” pressure cookers are re-branded from different manufacturers. If you can glean any other information from the pressure cooker manual of the original manufacturer such as Fagor, Maxi-Matic and Deni (out of business) you may be able to purchase replacement parts directly from them.

        Sorry I couldn’t be any more help – I searched the QVC website for replacement parts and all I found were gaskets for the microwave pressure cooker. : (



        1. I am looking for a pressure regulator knob for cooks essential 4.22 #99740 please let me know if you have one. Thank you

          1. No, I don’t have one. Please contact the manufacturer.



          2. Goodman’

            1. Don’t carry Cook’s Essentials……

      2. Joann Mitchell, Which model or QVC Item# is your pressure cooker? I am a QVC reseller, and I get used C.E. pressure cookers all the time. I keep spare parts. I might have knob you need

        1. Hi Cindy,

          I have a cooks essentials K22739 (keystone 99740)pressure cooker and the plastic housing that the pressure regulator knob fits into broke. Where can I get a replacement? Or possibly a replacement lid.


          1. Ty, if you still need it, see the July 11 post I made.

            1. I also am in need of the plastic housing that the pressure regulator sits in. In fact I need two. I have two machines and both broke in the same way.

        2. Hi Cindy, I got my CE 5qt pot used and used it to make the chicken cacciatore recipe which was delicious. Two nights later I went to make minestrone, and it won’t turn on anymore. I’ve read a few things about the different pots and why they might not turn on. Do you have any hints for me, does this one allow for a fuse replacement or any other part replacement that might work. I tried, resetting my outlet and another outlet et cetera. I tried multiple days as well. Any thoughts? Thank you for any assistance!


          1. steph, contact the retailer if you’re still within your warranty for a replacement. Otherwise, take it to an appliance repair shop to ask if they can replace the fuse. Unfortunately, some electric pressure cooker brands are more delicate than others.



        3. I have a senior friend who has lost the tiny resourvor plastic cup that sits on the back to catch over flow. by chance do t we have searched for 3 months to no avail. shes 80 and is just upset that she has lost it. she has tried to use the unit with out it and I have noticed rust on the bottom of her cooker from the small amount of steam that had ran down the side. it is model#99740. if you could be of help I would greatly appreciate it.

          1. Jeanette, I would contact the retailer where she bought it from (QVC?) and ask. Meanwhile, she should put a folded-up kitchen towel on the kitchen counter underneath where the cup would be to absorb any moisture before it gets to the base.



        4. Hi Cindy, I need a regulator knob for my 4 quart cooks essentials pressure cooker. Model 99731. Do you have one I can purchase? Thank you very much!!

        5. Hello,
          I was searching for replacement pressure release valve for my Cook’s Essentials PRESSURE COOKER Model # 99740. Can you help?

        6. Ma’am: Do you have new gaskets for a Cook’s Essentials 4.22 QT Model 99740 pressure cooker?

  2. Joann Mitchell, Which model or QVC Item# is your pressure cooker? I am a QVC reseller, and I get used C.E. pressure cookers all the time. I keep spare parts. I might have knob you need

    1. I’m looking for a 2nd liner and silicon seal. Cindy, do you have those at all?

    2. Cindy,
      I have a C.E. pressure Cooker model, 99740. The part that broke is the plastic ring that the pressure regulator knob attaches to. It is bolted through the lid and is held on by a nut on the inside and then covered with the anti-blocking case. The plastic ring that locks the regulator knob broke off from the metal dish/well that collar sits upon.
      Any info would be appreciated. Thank you,

      1. If you still need it, see the July 11 post I made.

    3. Cindy, I need an oval shaped lid for a cooks essentials pressure cooker. Do you happen to have any?

    4. Cindy, do you have an entire pressure release mechanism for a CE Keystone 99700 please?

  3. I purchased a used CE #99740 , there is an empty hole in the handle and I’m needing to know is there something that goes in that hole ? All my steam comes out and boils dry when I tried to use it…please help me find out what this needs to cook correctly. Thank you

    1. On the inside it should look like this. The hole in the handle, it’s the pressure valve that pops up when it comes to pressure, tells the machine that it’s to pressure and starts the count down. It also locks the lid so you don’t open it when under pressure. Very important piece. (called Floating Valve in the manual) If your missing it, you are out of luck. You can though re-coup some of your money, parts! I want a 2nd liner and silicone ring, so if you want to sell it to me, we’ll work out a deal and shipping. b.gister(at)

      1. Beth, thanks so much for sharing a photo of your lid!



  4. If “Cindy” would post her email address or store link, Beth G, B Armstrong, Juquetta Owens, and I might all become customers. I need a manual for the CE 99740. I would also possibly be interested in another unit at a good price, and other accessories.

    1. sa w, I will send you an e-mail with Cindy’s e-mail address. She can comment and post it here if she would like to share her contact information publically.



      1. Thanks, Laura. I emailed her but got no response (yet, that I’ve found). So I have posted the info about where I found parts in the meantime. I’d still be glad if Cindy wanted to get in touch, or post again, as I might like to have a complete CE 99740 unit, if she has one.

    2. BTW, I forgot to link to a copy of the manual you need. It’s here:



  5. Thanks SO much, Laura, for the manual!!! I tried to cook fresh green beans without it and my guesses weren’t very good! I initiated the new pot I bought by burning them!

    Anyway, a comment to anyone who still needs replacement parts, I got the regulator knob, the thing that holds it in (metal well and plastic other parts-called base of pressure regulator), a spare gasket, and a new STAINLESS STEEL inner pot from The first 3 were each $10, the last was around $25 for the 4-quart, and shipping was a reasonable flat rate. Here is the base of regulator part link: But if you go to the site map at , and explore under LUX MultiCooker (4 quart), you can probably find the replacement parts you need for the CE 99740; at least the parts I got seem to fit.

    1. Thanks for sharing sa w. But, I’m curious how did you fit Fagor LUX’s spring-valve regulator in the weight-regulator lid for the Cook’s Essentials?



      1. The Cook’s E is also a spring-valve, i ordered the whole lid, so I could have spare parts, after my base of pressure regulator part broke. I think they get dryed out or something, it cracked in 3 pieces! The whole lid fits, the parts individually fit, in fact I am using my old valve on the new lid! There is a slight difference in shape, it drags a bit, but I think it just needs to be “broken-in” a bit. Otherwise, I thank you SAW for the effort to find the replacement parts and the links you shared!!
        Have a great time cooking!!

        1. Beth, I never heard of this cooker having a spring valve. Can you post a photo of it, please?



    2. Thanks for this info! I see all the parts I would like to get. I have in the mean time purchased an IP during Prime Day. But since I got the 8qt, I still will be using my little 4qt for lots of things too! Too bad Cindy never wanted to respond, she missed out on some sales.
      Thanks again,

  6. Hi sa w,
    Thank you very much for finding this info. I will try it and report back, hopefully with good news. Have been missing being able to use the pressure cooker.

  7. Glad to have helped some. Laura, I dont know that I did. If you check the link I posted, you’ll see that the pix look like the 99740. I’m no expert to know what I’m doing. Went by the pix. Recently bought the 99740 at a used store shortly after a friend had praised her IP so much to me. Was pleased to find something similar at a small price (and a small size which fits my lifestyle). Am very much still learning.

  8. Hi sa w,
    Thank you for much for the info from the Fagor website. I placed my order on 8/6 and received the order today, 8/9. Everything fit the pressure cooker I have. I have to put it to the test soon, make sure it all works, but Fagor was great. Shipping was very reasonable also.

    Thanks again

    1. I just want to update my purchase. I bought the parts and everything works just fine. Again, thank you all for your information.

  9. cooker does not heat-used only 3 times- think fuse blew- please tell me how to remedy the problem

  10. I am looking to obtain a new rubber seal/gasket for CE pressure cooker model # 99740
    If you can provide me with a manufacturer website or phone number that would be most helpful.

    1. Mary Jean Miller, if you look at the other comments above, for 1 from SAW on July 11th, the links listed work. I ordered a whole new lid because I wanted another seal and my base of pressure regulator was broken. It was $10 for each part or $30 for the whole lid, I got the whole lid with all the extra parts in case something else breaks. Spare Parts!!! LOL The flat shipping fee was great for ordering all the parts I wanted. The delivery was quick.
      Have a great day!

  11. Help! I need the top part of the floating valve (there’s a hole there) for #99700

  12. I need a new pressure valve or lid for a cook’s essentials #99701 made by Keystone. It also has the #K22742 on the bottom. QVC does not have the parts and every phone number they’ve given me has been either dead or belongs to some company that doesn’t deal with that model. Does anyone know where I can get parts for this one? (Above someone referred to the links in the July 11 post, but those links are for Fagor models, not Keystone.) Thanks!

  13. I’m looking for a lid rubber seal for a cooks essentials model 99700

  14. Manual for cooks essential 99752

  15. I am looking for a part for my cooks essentials pressure cooker 99740. I need the pressure cap. Please help.

  16. I am in need of a floating valve for model #99700.
    Can anyone assist where I can locate the part?
    I can be reached at

    Thank you

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