For Cook’s Essentials Model Numbers: 99731, 99732 and 99735
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Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. I’m confused. After browning my beef I never know what setting to use to pressure cook? Why does steam come out but more importantly why does my linguistic evaporate so fast? 99450/453-453 model. Where should I position the valve? Thanks

    1. Judy, when you’re browning beef you should remove the lid. Then, for pressure cooking steam needs to come out of the valve, intitially, in order for the cooker to build pressure.

      Please take a look at my free Pressure Cooking School video series – specifically the “Getting Acquainted” episode that describes when the cooker should vent and why!



  2. Whenever I received my pressure cooker the release valve wasn’t on it how do I order one for it

    1. Contact the retailer.



  3. I need a gasket for my Cook’s Essential 4qt electric pressure cooker. Where do I buy it from?

  4. I have a model 99731 pressure cooker.
    I’ve lost the regulator knob (rocker knob)
    How can I get a replacement???

    1. Did you get a replacement I need 1 regulator kno

    2. I also need a regulator knob for 99731 cooks essential pressure cooker

  5. I have a cooks essentials model 99732 where can i get instruction manual for it?

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