For Cook’s Essentials Model Numbers: PC028
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WARNING: We do not recommend pressure canning in this pressure cooker.

Although this pressure cooker has an “pressure canning” mode, we do not recommend using it as it goes against National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) recommendations.  Read the details here.

Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. Is there not a manual for the PC 027 model?

    1. Jackie, we don’t have one. Try looking at all of the manuals to see if there is a similar one to your pressure cooker model.

  2. I used my cooker Sunday. I must have not had enough food in it.. I put it on slow cook and delayed the start for 2.5 hours. Or at least I thought that’s what 2.5 meant, then I left for church. When I came home 30 min. after the time it should have started the food (2 cans of corn) had burned. I thought all the steam had quit coming out and I opened it. And now for some reason it will not light up at all. Is there some type of reset button or what could be wrong? I enjoy my cooker and hope it is not broken, but I can’t imagine what happened.

  3. what can be done after the error code E4 is displayed when the cooker is cold.

    1. Un-plug and re-plug the cooker, and if that doesn’t work call the manufacturer (or retailer).



      1. This cooker isn’t even a year old yet, I use it a lot and love it. But if it is already broken, it is junk

    2. I have the same error code E4, how can I reset this?

  4. How can I order a Steam water storage cup for the PC028. I have one that I inherited and it does not have the water cup. What happens if the cup is not on and I use the Pressure Cooker?

    1. Bill, contact the retailer or manufacturer to purchase a new condensation cup. You can still cook with the cup off, it collects condensation, so have a rag near the bottom to catch any drips of liquid.



  5. I need a steam water storage cup for my model PC028 electric Pressure cooker. What will happen if I use the cooker without the steam water storage cup?

  6. I’ve never used my pot and about a week ago I decided it was time. To my surprise the instructions were missing. What can I do ?? Help

    1. Click on the link called “download” above where you left your comment. ; )



  7. My model # is not PC 028 it is model # K41143 034 000
    Perhaps I wasn’t clear on my model #
    Please help me with a book on how to use my pressure cooker. It’s a beautiful piece of cook ware but I can’t use it !
    I was told it was purchased 6/14. I’d forgotten that I had it.
    Thanks Joyce Dingus

  8. where can I buy replacement parts for my Cooks essentials model # K44020 154 000 ?

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