For Cook’s Essentials Model Number: EPC460, EPC450 and “Perfect Pressure Cooker” distributed by Tristar

Instruction Manual

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Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. my sister bought me a model epc460 but when I try to use it all it does is show a light F4 nothing else will work, what can I do

    1. Ask the retailer for to exchange it. The fuse needs to be replaced.



    2. i have the same problem with my cooker lights up F4 and nothing else epc450 or epc 460

  2. I have the same problem. The unit was purchased from a TV add. How do I do something with this ???

  3. Since I have had NO response regarding my problem, I have to assume there is no way to fix the unit. It is a brand new unit and is at this point, a piece of junk. I will have to buy another unit, however, I would be a real sucker to purchase one from this maker.

    1. HI Bobby, I tend to avoid htese manual pages as they automatically download a new copy of the manual every time I refresh the page.

      However, I see that Laura answered the person above you. Since you say you have the same problem, I would expect the same answer to be appropriate. No need to repeat it.

  4. Hi
    To whom may I concern
    I has own the epc 450 perfect pressure cookers now has a code F5 on it how can I made a default reset
    Thank you


  6. I have a cooks essential pressure cooker EPC460 and need to order parts for it. I can’t find a customers service number to do so. Can you help me?

    1. Shelby, you can also contact the retailer for this. Cook’s Essentials is a brand marketed by QVC.



  7. Need a lid for my EPC460, are thy availble, Thanks, Steve

  8. I have the 460 model. I really enjiyed it until the valve release poped out. I ordered a new one. But don’t know how to install it. Please send an instruction manual.

  9. I can’t answer your question but I would like to ask where you ordered the part from? I have this same pressure cooker and need a new liner. Thanks

  10. I have this pressure cooker. I really like it. Somehow I’ve misplaced a part that is on the lid. Not the floater. How do I contact cooks essentials. Thank you.

    1. They are out of business. You might want to check e-bay for a parts re-seller.



  11. After using 3 x , Bottom of mine melted. I’m afraid to use it. Anyone have contact info for Cook’s Essential via QVC?

  12. I need manual book how to use my perfect presure cooker got but lost manual Thank u r how can they send me one

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