For Cook’s Essentials Model Numbers: 99725, 99721, 99722, 99723
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Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. hello I have a cooks essentials electric pressure cooker 99725 love it but the pressure release knob or the oven regulator broke how can I get a replacement parts

    1. Same problem! Did you get an answer?

    2. I have the 99725 also and need a new Pressure Steam Regulator Knob, just like many others. I have searched the internet to no avail. Even QVC cannot help. Any suggestions ?

  2. I have a cook”s essentials oval electric pressure cooker..the pressure/steam regulator knob broke. Where can I get another one?

  3. I have the same problem as the bother 2 comments on here. My pressure regulator broke and I need to know where to get parts to fix it. Thank you.

  4. I have the same model (99725) and the same issue as well–it’s actually just the ring part I’m missing (the one that holds the little pop-up valve in place)–can’t find the part! I called the number in the user guide, but have been waiting through 10 minutes of other “special offers” messages. Haven’t connected to a live customer service person yet…

  5. I also have a broken pressure/steam regulator knob that is broken. Has anyone gotten a fix for this? Thank you for your time.


  6. I see there is a common problem with the pressure regulator knob breaking. I have the same problem and the customer service phone number is a spam number full of advertisements.

    1. I just called cook essentials
      (888) 321-5023

  7. need floater valve for pressure cooker 99725 please let me know need casket that locks and holds it in lid

  8. I have a cooks essentials 99273 digital pressure cooker and have lost manual can you please help me get another

    1. Debbie, the link to download an electronic version of the manual is at the upper area of this page ( )

  9. Where do I locate steamer baskets and racks for oval model 99725?

  10. I called QVC customer service & even though my unit was 2 years old they replaced the whole unit. Best customer service ever!

  11. My pressure / steam regulator knob is broken. I’ve been using the pressure cooker without it, by just leaving a wad of towel over the hole. Safe? yes, the pressure safety valve still work. I would still like to get a replacement valve.

    1. No, this is not safe. Your wad of towel is not calibrated to let pressure beyond what the container can hold inside.



  12. Where can I get a new top (cover) for my oval cooker, I broke it.

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