1. Can you do an artichoke, dip? The only recipe I know uses powdered soup, and I know you can get us that flavor without the packets!

    1. I think it would be do-able. It’s an especially good use for “outer artichoke leaves” and stems – which need more time in the pressure cooker to soften but have amazing flavor. Thanks for the suggestion!!



  2. Great ideas! I adore dips. I too want to know about artichoke dip. I don’t know how you would do that easily though.

  3. I haven’t tried the hummus recipe yet, but I made the Baba ganoush last night for the second time, and once again was amazed at the flavor. It’s so quick to make too. I needed to quickly use up some eggplant and that was a great way to do it.

    I’ve made the pate too, and it is as easy and delicious as the eggplant recipe. The ingredients give a wonderful depth of flavor.

    For both recipes I used the Kuhn Rikon big braiser that I learned of here on your site. It sure makes for easy browning.


    1. Julie, fantastic! Thanks for coming back to tell us about it. Can’t wait for you to try the hummus (also another good way to use the Tahini you bought for the Baba Ganoush. They always seem to sell it in GIGANTIC containers ; )



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