pizza plate pressure cooker accessory

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pizza plate pressure cooker accessory

Here’s a great way to protect your pressure cooker, kitchen surfaces and more – using a ceramic Pizza Plate!

We all keep our electric pressure cookers in less than ideal conditions. I often move mine on top of my gas range to take advantage of the range hood, and store the rest not far from my sink – where ironically all of my plugs tend to be.

I recently discovered that a ceramic pizza plate is the best surface for the pressure cooker to sit on. These plates are flat all the way to the edge, heat and water proof too. Also, the short ridge on the outside does not interfere with the electrical plugs.

A ceramic pizza plate is flat all the way to the edge, and the ridge on the outside is low enough not to interfere with plugs.
A ceramic pizza plate is flat all the way to the edge, and the ridge on the outside is low enough not to interfere with plugs.

Using a ceramic pizza dish as a base to your pressure cooker not only protects your pressure base from less than ideal conditions but if you have more than one cooker it makes it a snap to grab and slide the pressure cookers into “cooking position” (you know, not under the cabinets).

Here are the sizes and dishes I recommend for electric pressure cooker sizes. If you get one, snap a photo of your pressure cooker on the pizza plate/dish/tray to include at the bottom of this post.

Shop for electric pressure cooker pizza plate bases

6L Electrics  11-12″ round (27-30cm)

8L Electrics  12-15″ round (30-38cm)

Shop for ceramic pizza plates from the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

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  1. Great tip!
    I have been using a round Melamine tray (heat safe up to 140°C/285°F) to set my Instant Pot on the pan supports of my gas stove. It gives me a flat base for the IP and makes using it at eye (pan?) level a lot easier.

  2. Good idea! I am a big fan of Epicurean cutting boards, so I have several in different sizes. When I pull out my multi-cooker, I just grab the appropriate sized Epi and use it as a base.

  3. My cooker sits on a 12″ x 12″ marble tile on whose underside I glued small felt pads. When it is not being used, I move the tile (with it on top) to the inside corner of my counter under the cabinets. It’s easy to slide it to the edge of the counter when I’m using it. I brought my cooker to a friend’s house and realized how valuable that tile is when she moved the cooker a bit while it was under pressure and the unit started to squirt steam.

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