2015 Electric Pressure Cooker Comparison Guide

It was not too long ago that electric pressure cookers were a little-known machine with a niche market.  Today, the addition of new features and functionality is taking counter space from slow cookers, rice cookers and knocking stovetop pressure cookers out the kitchen.  Electric pressure cookers are quickly becoming the cooking appliance of choice for the American cook.

This year has seen the introduction of four new models with innovative features dedicated to making all your cooking tasks easier. Some make yogurt, others release pressure by themselves or even have their own smartphone app.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of the newest electric pressure cookers :

Fast Slow Pro

Breville Fast Slow Pro

Fagor LUX
Instant Pot
SMART 7-in-1

Instant Pot SMART
Power Pressure
Cooker XL
Power Pressure Cooker XL
Pressure Levels8222
Saute' /BrownYesYesYesNo
Keep Warmenable or disable
with button
disable w/app
Delay StartNoup to 6 hoursup to 24 hoursup to 4 hours
Slow Cooker ProgramHigh, LowHigh, LowHigh, Medium, LowLow
Yogurt ProgramNoYesYesNo
Programmable App.NoNoYesNo
Altitude AdjustmentYesNoYes (App)No
Automatic Pressure ReleaseYesNoNoNo
Insert Bowl Materialsceramic coatedceramic coatedstainless steel non-stick
Heating Element1100 watts1000 watts1000 watts1000 watts
Minimum Liquid Requirement1-4 cups1 cup1 1/2 cups1 cup
Available sizes6 quart only4, 6 or 8 quart6 quart only6, 8 & 10 quart
Get itAmazonAmazonInstant Pot StoreAmazon

Please note that, despite some advertising claims, no electric pressure cookers have been approved for pressure canning.

Do you already have one of these new pressure cookers?  Leave a comment to let us know how you like it and, based on your experience, whether you would recommend it to someone shopping for their first pressure cooker.

2015 Electric Pressure Cooker Feature Comparison Guide