Manual for Elite Pressure Cooker Models: EPC-678 (non-stick pot), EPC-678SS (stainless steel pot)

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hip notes

Electric pressure cooker with slow cooker function. This cooker only pressure cooks at 70kPa (10psi) which is nearly of “high” pressure. The slow cooker function only has one heat setting which cooks at 180°F which is the equivalent of the “high” slow cooker setting. Although it is not possible to change the slow cooker setting to “low”, the cooker also features a “Keep warm” function that cooks at a range between 140-175°F – this setting could be used to slow cook at “medium” setting. For example, something that would slow cook on “low” for 8 hours would only take 4 hours on “high” and 6 hours on “medium.

Manufacturer Website: MAXI-MATIC

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