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Manufacturer Website: Emson

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  1. I love this smoker. Have used it for all kind of meat, cheese, vegies, and salt. The electrode that heats the wood chips has gone bad and I need to replace it. Where can I find the replacement part?

    1. You might try contacting the manufacturer as listed in the manual:

    2. Mine has died as well. Were you successful at finding a new one? I’m still searching.

  2. I apprecied command the pcs from my emsoncooker. I apprecied know the adress to command.

    Thank You

  3. Is there any trouble shooting suggestion. I have only used my unit 4 times. The front won’t
    Light up as it won’t turn on. I browned my meet and went to put it under pressure and the pot quit working. I have tried different plug ins. The whole unit just stopped working.

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