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Yes, the website has been around for seven years and, in that time, we’ve never, ever done a giveaway -shocker!  So, to make up for lots and lots of lost time we’re going to do TWO giveaways in one!

We teamed-up with Quick & Carry – the makers of a snazzy electric pressure cooker carrying bag to give away a 6 or 8L bag to two lucky Hip Pressure Cooking readers and viewers!

For giveaway details, rules and to enter, find and visit the giveaway posts our official YouTube and Instagram accounts (below.)

Good luck!!

So, what do you think… should we make this a regular thing?  Leave a comment below.



  1. I keep my pressure cooker on the counter as it is too big for any of my shelves!

  2. While the giveaway is a nice gesture, this one is not really “hip”.
    Like other loyal subscribers, I too do not have or want an account on Instagram, Farcebook or any other social media site.

    1. amen!!!

      1. Exactly.

  3. Please add my vote to what the others have already said: YES to giveaways, but NO to Instagram or Youtube, so YES to contests on this site.

    Besides that, I’d love prizes that are more practical to a wider range of readers. I know you don’t have control over which advertiser gives you free stuff to give away. But, seriously, will a large number of people drag their electric pressure cooker along to potlucks? I sure won’t.

    The person who wins this will love it. However, I’m betting you don’t get as many entries as if you were giving away accessories that everyone uses, like a nice, solid trivet or heat-proof containers.

  4. Yes, make this a regular thing!!!!!

  5. Like many others, I don’t do Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or…

    If a specific website’s content has meaning for me, I will sign up if I want to keep abreast of the information there. But a generic “I want a friend”. Not on your life.

    So this competition is irrelevant to me. I won’t be joining in.

    Good luck to those with different opinions to mine who join in.

    1. Greg, I agree that Social Media has turned into a rat-race. For many years this website didn’t show up on Google search results at all. Now, they consider social media participation as part of the equation for recommending a website. I’ve been dragging my feet on it for years and this website has suffered compared to new ones who just take my recipes, make very small tweaks and slap their own photo on it and spend all their time on social media promoting it – without giving me any credit, of course. I know this does not really affect you because you’ve already found the hip website but with the Instant Pot taking off in the U.S. many new “copycats” have shown up – some who even collaborate with Instant Pot directly on the back of my work.

      The only place where this has not happened too much Reddit – as the moderators noticed the copy-cats right away and told them to post links to their stuff when they come up with something original. I really appreciate their support. I have not gotten this same level of support on Facebook groups – as manufacturers are happy to have copycats as long as they keep posting in their group and being social and that’s not me.

      Social media is not a natural fit because I’m not very social, to begin with – and probably many people who “live” on social media have noticed that, too. Honestly, keeping up with social media is turning into another full-time job and I’d rather be tinkering and experimenting in my kitchen. I’m geeky that way.

      In that vein, I try not to post the EXACT same content everywhere and, specifically for Instagram, I’ve worked on making that a more behind-the-scenes account where I share a little bit of my life, work and especially outings. We love going to Food Festivals!!

      On reddit, you can find me answering questions and helping people out and for both that and Instagram you don’t have to be signed-up to read my posts or to see the photos or videos – like the one I just uploaded humiliating myself riding a mechanical bull.



  6. Would love to win. Would love to see more contests. However, like many others, I would prefer to enter them on the HIP site, rather than visiting YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site. Just not my thing. Thanks for considering letting us enter here, instead of there.

    1. I’m sorry, this Giveaway can only be entered via Instagram and YouTube. However, this being the very first Giveaway, and with such a positive response, I am definitely going to make sure to have an option to enter from the Hip website as well.



  7. Yes, giveaways are great! I would rather be able to enter on your HIP site rather than Instagram as I don’t go on Instagram often.

  8. I went to youtube and listen to your talk about the Pre. Cooker Bag, I would love to win one.
    I would use the 8 qt. for taking to dinner at friends and other places. It looks as if it would
    really keep it war.

  9. Giveaways are fun, but not if you have to maneuver your way around the internet to other sites. Your web site and Facebook are all I need! Thank you and good luck with your new giveaway venture!

  10. I’d enter, but as usual with other sites when they have contests, it’s only open to people from the US. I find that annoying.

  11. Like so many others, I commend you on your first giveaway. Also like many others, I abhor social media, preferring to interact on websites with like-minded cooks. I eagerly await your next giveaway, hopefully on this wonderful website.

    BTW – thanks for the Pressure Cooking School videos, Laura. I’ve sent links to my family to help some of them improve their pressure cooking results. Well done!

  12. Absolutely!

  13. I think the giveaway is a great, fun idea for those of us who are “hipsters” of the pressure cooker variety. However, I got the e-mail on the 10th and the giveaway ended on the 7th. Not so great, or fun, or hip after all.

    1. I don’t know how that happened, we sent out the newsletter two weeks ago!



  14. Hi Laura,
    When will the winners be announced?

    1. Maggie, I replied to the winners on Instagram and Youtube. Haven’t had time to make the announcement video. Will post soon!! BTW, the winner on Instagram hasn’t gotten back to me so I’ll have to choose an alternative winner there. But just in case they are waiting for the video I will post that first. ; )



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