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Faberware Pressure Cooker Model Number: 58040

Manufacturer Website: Lifetime Brands

To link to or bookmark this document please link to this page, and not the PDF file directly (it won't work). Thank you.


If you’re looking for the Farberware Pressure Cooker MANUAL – you can download it from the Farberware Category in the library.

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  1. Anyone know what psi corresponds with each program??

    1. All of the pressure programs operate at 70kpa which is equivalent to 10.1psi.



      1. It is all the same pressure.. I have been learning to use it and found I have to turn it on and off depending what I am doing… Slow cokeer needs to be turned off. I leave it on to get hot, then off 30 minutes, then on 15, off30 .. that is without the pressure locked,

  2. My husband just bought me a 7-in-1 programmable pressure cooker from Walmart. I have never used one before. I read the instruction book but I must be densed. I wish that they had a cookbook in it so I would know what I am doing. I was going to take it back to Walmart but husband lost the sales receipt. I wish I knew what and how to cook country style ribs or chicken and how long to cook it for. I want to join christine barr on facebook. Also where do I get a vegetable basket so I can steam veggies? I have a trivet that came with it, but what do I use it for? Like I said I have no idea what I am doing with it. I will be 71 yrs. tomorrow and I love to cook, but this machine has me baffled. Thank you.

    1. Just put chicken and in press the button that says chicken or it will say P06/7 depends on what type of pressure cooker you have.

    2. Susan I have one also and I did not get a cookbook with mine either. Most people I’ve talked to got 2 books but all I got was the instruction book. I use mine a lot and love it but still get confused on which settings to use.

  3. I know I can get another recipe from another cookbook and I have but their cooking buttons and mine are different. For example…..recipe says to cook on high for 20 mins…what button is high on the Faberware……I don’t have one so it is like trial and error with this. I would think that the manual could have explained what the different settings are equal to in regular cooking like….is beans/rice…….is that supposed to be medium heat? This is the problem…I can interchange a recipe it would be easier if I had some of this information instead of “trial and error” that I am doing.

    1. Debra, you can push the “Chicken” program and adjust the pressure cooking time to 20 minutes – it operates at “high” pressure.

      There are more details on how to use your pressure cooker on your cooker’s manual page – look under the heading “hip info”.



  4. My recipe says that use. Manual setting Hicham e Farberwatr 7 in one doesn’t have. What other settings g should I use.

    1. Pat, use the “Chicken” program and adjust the time according to the recipe you’re using. ; )



  5. I just bought Farberware electric pressure cooker. It normally takes 20 min to cook rice in a rice cooker. I pressed the button where it says slow cook so let’s see how it comes out.

    1. Shailia, you can make rice following our tutorial. Use the same ratios of liquid to grain and click on the “chicken” program and adjust the cooking time as noted:



  6. Anybody know what setting to cook pasta on?

    1. did you ever figure it out? Ive been Trying to figure the pasta thing out myself

  7. None of the Farberwares have a “low pressure” setting to pressure cook pasta, so the best solution is to use the Chicken setting (which is high pressure but adjustable time) and first try the recommended pressure cooking time – if the pasta is too tender, shave off two minutes from the next batch.

    Generally, with pasta, the pressure cooking time is so short that the amount of pressure you use is irrelevant. Unless, of course, you’re Italian – at which point you’ll want to adjust the timings and pressures to reach that al dente sweet spot! ; )



  8. My husband recently bought me the Farberware 7-1 pressure cooker. I have used it a couple of times and I love it. I was wondering if you sell a cookbook for it? It would make things a lot easier for me. Please let me know.

    1. Mary, you can find a link to my cookbook at the top of this website in the menu, under “cookbook” (or following the link at the bottom of my reply). The Hip Pressure Cooking cookbook was not written FOR any specific pressure cooker. So it will give you cooking times, not program button names. Whenever one of my recipes on the website, or in the book, call for a cooking time just use the “Chicken” setting.

      The only “bump” you’ll run into is when recipes call for “low pressure.” Your pressure cooker does not have it. Just split the recommended “low pressure” cooking time in half and make it using your cooker’s default (high) pressure.

      And, of course, unlike any other pressure cookbook author, you can always come back here to ask me questions – if I don’t answer them quickly enough a knowledgeable reader, will! : )



  9. Thanks. I just wanted to thank you for explaining to me how I can adjust recipes to be used in my farberware 7-1 pressure cooker. I’ve had this thing for almost a year and all I’ve been able to figure out is how to steam veggies without turning them to mush. But, now the possibilities are endless if I use the “chicken” setting. Thank you!!


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