Fagor America Brand Dissolves

Fagor America will be shutting down operations over the next few months after its parent company in Spain announced it would close, Fagor America’s CEO Patricio Barriga confirmed to hip pressure cooking.

In a letter from Fagor to retailers, HomeWorld Business reports, they wrote, “Fagor America will be affected by this cessation and we anticipate the company will be closing in the next couple of months.

The letter from Fagor continued, “We want to assure you and your customers that we will [be]supporting you during this period to make sure service and coverage of warranties continue uninterrupted. We do have product in stock and in transit that we intend to sell in an orderly fashion to preserve the integrity of the Fagor brand.”

Fagor America’s parent company in Barcelona, Fagor Electrodomésticos, was acquired by CNA Group which filed for bankruptcy in November of 2013. Despite the changing of the reins and crisis in Spain, Fagor America continued to independently develop products such as its Lux multicooker which has won awards from Cook’s Illustrated, Good Housekeeping and the 2017 Good Design Award from Chicago’s Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

The dissolution of the Fagor brand in America leaves a team of talented individuals – whom I have personally met – with an established retail distribution chain and proven track record of locally conceived, developed and marketed products which found success in the U.S. marketplace.

Could a new brand be in the works?

Fagor America still plans to attend the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, next week.

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  1. Not a surprise: I heard that it was just a super high-pressure environment over at Fagor.

    I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

    1. HA!

  2. Oh no, I have a Fagor pressure cooker. I need a new rubber ring for it. How long will it be possible to get those?

    Was wondering why Fagor didn’t have any presence in Europe when they are in Spain.

    I guess the electronic pressure cookers must be taking over the market.

    1. Their rings are silicone, not rubber, so you can stock-up on them and they won’t “age” during storage like the rubber ones. ; )



      1. That’s good to know. I would advise anyone reading to be absolutely sure they are buying the genuine Fagor silicone gasket. I know from personal experience that the cheaper ones don’t last long, make the lid very hard turn and quite often leak steam and prevent the cooker from reaching full pressure! The genuine silicone gaskets have zero problems.

        It’s a shame Fagor are in trouble. I DON’T want to ever replace my indestructible stovetop Fagor pressure cooker that’s made in Spain. I wish the company can be saved. I don’t want an electric pressure cooker in future, ever. I remember you tested a Fagor stovetop and the temperature test showed it reached almost 121C, that’s hotter than all others tested. If Fagor can’t be saved, that would effectively be the end of true 15 psi high quality (stovetop) pressure cookers in Europe. :(

        I know Fagor also make electric pressure cookers. I know Laura you have switched to electrics entirely. I still wonder what’s happened to your stovetops and if you ever use them?

        1. Yeah, I really like my stovetop Fagor. I do have an electric pressure cooker, and I probably use it more than the stovetop cooker, just because it is very convenient to be able to set and forget it. But there are a number of things that I feel the stovetop model does better, so it definitely sees quite a bit of use, and I’ve been quite happy with it. It’s a 10 quart model as well, so it’s what I use when I make large bathes of things.

          I suppose I will have to order some gaskets.

        2. I have two electric PCs and I STILL use my Spanish made 8L Fagor Splendid set. They are built like tanks, I’ve had the set for close to fifteen years. I use it for big batches of chili, soups, stews, etc. I have heard complaints about the Chinese made Fagor items, but if you can get a Spanish made set GRAB IT. You can tell by the small capitol letter “S” slightly above and to the right of where it says “8L CE” on the bottom of the pot.

          The Electric pots have their place but my stove top pressure cooker saved the day when a snowstorm took out the electric for a few days last week.

    2. I have the same concerns. On the Fagor website, I found all replacement parts available. Here is the silicone gasket link. There are 9″ and 10″ and you order the one that has the same pressure plug, white or blue.

      1. Oops, correction: the blue or white plugs are relevant to the replacement handle, not the gaskets. I’m wondering if I should also buy the handle with the pressure valves as a back up as I have no idea if that might break. And without that, you’ve only got a stockpot!

  3. Just bought the LUX LCD this past December. I am very disappointed to hear this. I bought the Fagor due to reliability. I’m holding out a private investor or American company will purchase since they going to be at the international Home & Housewares show.

  4. Oh no! I also just bought the LUX LCD. How many gaskets should I get to stockpile? There is also a mini-gasket in the float valve(?). Should I stockpile that item as well, and if so, how many would you recommend? So depresssing… I hope the smart and talented people at Fagor America can find a way to reboot/start up a new PC business to fill the void. I think the demand for multicookers is still just heating up.

    1. Lara, I would get two, that should get you four to five good years. Unfortunately, because of the electronic components involved electric pressure cookers are not really expected to last much longer – few do, but many end up with fatally burned fuses or logic boards.



      1. Thank you so much for your help!

      2. Laura, I have a 2 yr. old 6 L Fagor Duo stove top and would expect it to last a good many years, especially if I can get replacement parts. (no electric components to burn up!) Would you recommend getting more than 2 gaskets (they are $10 a piece which would be costly)? Do you have any idea if other parts might wear out in a few years? Fagor sells the handle with the pressure switch and I wonder if would need to be replaced at some point. The cost is $18 on their site.
        Also, how might I keep apprised of the status of the company?
        Thank you!
        [I discovered your website when I was researching pressure cookers. It was very helpful in that process. I enjoy getting your newsletters. Since I am vegetarian, I zeroed right in on your lentil recipes from last week’s email. I’m making the North African Lentil and Spinach Soup when I finish this message, with all those spices, I know it will be awesome. Also making the Lentil Risotto tomorrow after I soak the lentils–thanks for those recipes!]

        1. I will share more info when it can be made public. ; )



  5. I can’t say I’m surprised, as their quality control had gone down the tubes.
    The pressure valve on my stovetop pressure cooker cracked under pressure after about a dozen uses, sending a geyser of hot liquid straight into the air and burning my hand.
    Amazon’s site is full of similar stories in the reviews.

  6. If they are going out of business they might have some good deals on parts coming up……..

  7. In all seriousness, I’ve cooked no less than 300 meals in my Fagor Futuro over the last four years. I bought another rubber gasket as a hedge against wear, but it doesn’t need it at this point. It’s a real shame that Fagor is going out of business. Mine was a great quality product; electric pressure cookers are an overengineered excuse to overpay and replace your product every two years when planned obsolescence kicks in.

  8. Any more news on this Laura?

  9. I bought my Futuro close to a decade ago, and it’s still going strong – not even a ring replacement required. Maybe Fagor is a victim of their own high quality product… mine may never need to be replaced.

  10. Hi Laura,

    There seems to be a lot of people questioning which parts to stock up on. Could you please summarize which ones you recommend? Is it typically only the silicone gaskets that need replacing? I own a Duo, and see at the link below that Fagor offers a number of replacement parts.



    1. Hi Robert,

      I would get a gasket or two. If they sold the little silicone ring around the safety indicator separately, I would say to get one of those, too. But, unfortunately, they sell it with the entire handle assembly. Since it is rare that the entire handle would fail, I would just get the gaskets for now and hope for the best.



  11. Is there any updated news on Fagor…. Are they gone or did someone step in to take them over?

    1. Nothing, yet. I recently pinged the people there and they’re super busy working on whatever they’re working on that I’m not supposed to talk about, yet ; )



      1. Hmm, that sounds somewhat optimistic. Perhaps, I won’t stock up on gaskets until you spill the (pressure cooked) beans. :)

  12. It’s time to invest in a konrikcon sorry about the spelling, or get a fizzler ,

  13. i own a fagor futuro set–loved it so much i bought the rapida set for the pressure skillet. i use these pans ALL. THE. TIME. thanks for the heads up on the halt in production–i just ordered 2 gaskets for each set so i can continue to use them until we find out the plan at fagor. such an awesome quality product. here’s hoping they reorganize!

  14. I see a brand called “ZAVOR” being sold now. I wonder if it’s a take-off on FAGOR ?

    Their is a “Duo” model in the Zavor brand…. looks an awful lot like the Fagor. Hmmm…..

    1. Yes. The people behind Fagor America, are actually the founders of Zavor : ). They have relaunched the two most popular models in electric and stovetop pressure cookers with improvements. I just got them (see my Facebook page) and can’t wait to show them off.

      On the plus side, since they are based on the Fagor America models, the replacement parts will be interchangeable.



      P.S. My 13-year old son looked at the boxes and said ironically “totally not a derivative name”! : D

  15. Cooks Illustrated’s rated the Fagor Lux LCD as their top model. I just checked their website and they have it marked “discontinued” with a banner note that says

    We’ve learned that our top rated multicookers from Fagor are in the process of being re-launched under the brand Zavor. The company expects the new models to be available by 2019.”

  16. Zavor models are available now. I own a Fagor LUX and was contacted by Zavor today. Everything looks to be the same.

  17. I have an 8 quart Fagor Lux Multicooker and want a stainless steel pot instead of the non-stick insert. I just called Zavor that said their 8 quart stainless steel pots would not be compatible!! Does anyone know whether Fagor is still accepting orders? Can’t get them on the phone. :(

    1. I’m sorry, Fagor is out of business so the company is no longer there. There isn’t anyone to answer the phones. : (



  18. Does anyone know where to find (if possible) the recipes that used to be on the Fagor web site that were tailored to their products? Specifically, I’m looking for the recipes for my Rapid Express.

  19. I need parts for the 8 qt 918060778 operating valve, pressure safety lock and silicone gasket please let me know where to order . At cheyechris@hotmail.com

  20. I need a new lid for my 8qt. The website only shows 6qt now what

  21. I just found out that they were going out of business ahhh. Found this replacement parts company. Arizona. ADCO parts has everything. Got new handle just incase. ORDER SILIOCON SEALS ON AMAZON. 2 CHEAPER. NEVER FAILS WHEN I BUY SOMETHING. COMPANY CHANGES NAME AND LIFE TIME WARRANTIES GO OUT THE WINDOW. DARN.

    1. Alice, Fagor’s parent company in Spain actually went out of business. The group representing them in the U.S. which was already somewhat independent stayed together and started a new company to continue doing what they love. Thankfully, they were able to maintain and continue some of the models they developed that were unique to the American market – like the DUO.



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