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Electric pressure cooker with two pressures and 12 preset programs including Yogurt, Rice (Brown or White) and Risotto. Automatically switches to keep-warm after cooking for up to 12 hours, cooking start delay timer for up to 6 hours. Inner pot is ceramic-coated.

Fagor LUX Error Codes

Error CodeMeaningRecommended Actions
E1Internal circuits have disconnected.Contact Fagor customer service department for assistance.
E2Internal sensor has disconnected and the current is insufficient
Unit is overheating
Unplug the unit, remove the inner pot and let it cool completely.
E3Unit is overheatingUnplug the unit, remove the inner pot and let it cool completely. If the E3 message persists, the cooking pot or heating plate may be deformed. Contact Fagor customer service department for assistance.
E4Pressure switch has malfunctionedCheck the cooking pot for warping. Check the heating plate and cooker insert bottom for any food residue.

Customer Service Contact Info

U.S & Canada
tel: 1-800-207-0806
email: info@fagoramericacom
contact form

Manufacturer Websites

Fagor America

Fagor International

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  1. Bought the 8 at. The controll board went bad.

  2. First time I tried to use my Multi-Cooker, it put up the E1 error code.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this. Thanks for coming here to let us know about it.



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