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Manufacturer Website: Fagor International

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  1. Fagor’s telephone customer service is BS. They give out the usual litany of which button to push on the phone to talk to someone and after many minutes of elevator music and computer generated voices, they come across with they are busy and to use an alternate method.

    Also they do not show “all” instruction manuals for their products. I have a 6 liter model that has a configuration unlike any shown on the Fagor website.

    My advice? Cut the BS.

    1. Bill, what is the model name of your Fagor pressure cooker? I’ll see what I can find for you.

      As for their telephone support…

      Up-side: they don’t outsource their calls to some call center that has never seen the item or even knows what to do with it. So, when you get someone on the line it will be an honest-to-goodness Fagor employee in NJ.

      Down-side: when it’s the holidays many are out of the office on vacation so they have very limited resources right now.



  2. Hi,

    I have doubts that anyone is in the office. After enduring the litany of automated choices the robot lady come on and informs that it’s best to use Email. Perhaps the Email folks at Fagor are not allowed to do the holliday thing. ;)

    On the distal end of the handle the logo is “Rapida” the shape of the vessel is more round at the bottom. The spring loaded valve has only one symbol on it, showing the direction of the vent stream. It does not turn and has two modes. Either open or closed by use of the slider (in lavender) on the handle.

    So long as we are both being somewhat patient; if you please a tip.

    I am retired and live in a small burg near the Oregon Coast. I cook a whole bunch.. Nothing fancy but not too bad either. I check out electronics and photo equipment for a local thrift store run by a local church. My mom had a Presto cooker. The old style..You know, the one’s that if beans of potatoes were part of the ceiling décor the cooker was the perfect choice. I have advised “my” thrift store not to sell these old models. They work to a degree but so far what I have observed, the gaskets are shot and the blowout plugs are hardened.

    Otherwise, with all the pressure devices removed they make great pasta pots.

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