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Hip Notes: Spring-valve stove top cooker with one cooking level (15psi).

Manufacturer Website: Fagor International

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  1. Hi all — We have a Fagor Splendid 4qt cooker. I have a quick question about when to start timing. I know the pressure indicator will rise when there is pressure, but do you start timing the moment the indicator rises? Or do you need to wait until there is additional steam coming out of the side valves? I notice that steam comes out the side valves before the indicator rises; then, once the indicator rises, the steam stops, with only occasional burbles of steam/water out the side valves. Do I need to wait longer at high heat for steam to come out the sides? The manual seems to indicate there should be a low, constant flow of steam out the side valves. Thanks!

    1. Did you get an official answer? Unofficially, from another Splendid preassure cooker user, I always wait until the steam is escaping before I start timing. And I keep the heat at a temperature that allows the steam to continue to escape, making a low hissing sound, during the entire cooking process. That works for me.

  2. I would like an owners manual for my Fagor pressure cooker INOX 18-10

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