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  1. Can you please tell me how to decrease cooking time on the slow cook mode? Can’t figure it out. Thanks!

    1. The manual on page 15 says: 1) Select the desired mode you want. 2)Press the TIME COOK button.
      3)Then press +/- button to adjust to desired time, press once to adjust hours and twice to adjust minutes.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Go ahead and try that + — with the Farberware 7-in-1 cooker! I cannot get mine to add or subtract time!
        Solutions anyone? I busted the shells on 5 of 8 eggs I tried to steam cook.
        I think 10lbs pressure is just too dang much ! At least for 7 minutes cooking time.

  2. how many cups of water to put. for corn on the cobb

    1. Beverly, add your cooker’s minimum liquid requirement: 1 1/2 cups. : )



  3. I can’t for the life of me. Figure out how to manually put time on my machine. Please help. Fire the manual writer, to many complaints an has left so many people going to pintrest for answers. Love the machine though!

    1. Mary, choose the Chicken/Poultry setting and then adjust the time from there.



    2. I found you can put it on anything (except sear)–to start, but be quick. Then press “time cook” + or -.

      Still…just trying to figure out which one to use for an artichoke is frustrating. I just use the meat one, but seems like nothing is ever enough time. Always put things back in…even the meat.

      Should have been a much more informative manual. I wouldn’t recommend this pressure cooker.

  4. Fir your smothered pork chops recipe it calls for mushrooms and sour cream but it doesn’t say when to add ..i know this is probly a silly question but this will b 2nd time using and i don’t want to mess up

    1. I’m reading same recipe from their booklet. Assuming after 1st searing on the meat, either brown mushrooms then on that setting and remove to bowl for sauce later or brown separately on stovetop, then add them along with the sour cream to the broth and mushroom soup mixture.

  5. Are there additional cookbooks to buy that match the Farberware seven and one programmable pressure cooker

    1. Why are there no answers to the questions above?

    2. I would love that answer also. Thanks.

  6. The Taco Soup says to add water but no where in the recipe does it tell me how much. This is my first use of the pressure cooker and the recipe book that came INCLUDED with the cooker does not tell me, it is the same one as this on pinterest. Very Frustrated.

    1. Heidi, I don’t personally recommend cooking with flavoring packets (as they contain thickeners that would prevent some of the liquid from boiling), but looking at the recipe, I would guess to either include the liquid from the canned beans and add 1 cup of water, or drain the beans and add 3 cups.



  7. How to set temperature when u set time manually? Tried to cook chicken set time manually for 50 min. And it was still raw as though the temperature never got hot enough to cook it. The red steam float valve never popped up.

    1. Just bought this appliance myself and it doesn’t look like you pick temperature settings but rather time settings so you want to make sure you’ve first set the programmed setting for chicken (P06) then hit the time and +/- buttons as needed to adjust if you want from default setting. If you went directly to time settings, it may have been in slow cooker mode (P01) when you plugged it in.

  8. Using the Farberware electric pressure cooker has tested my patience many times! It is very confusing, and I find myself taking longer to cook simple recipes because I’m not sure which buttons to push!

    1. Me too Kacie. Thumbs down on this pressure cooker.

    2. Buttons are for different types of food (beef, poultry, soups, etc.). Use the Menu button to select the food type (e.g. PO 6 Chicken) then Press Start for the default time or Press Time Cook to adjust cooking times using the + and – buttons. Also, different foods require different amounts of cooking liquid. Minimum is 1 Cup.

  9. Does the Farber 7 in 1 digital pc utilize high and low pressure settings? If so, which menu options use high and which use low?

  10. i want something smaller one, which cooks fast. we have small family so .. just need smaller variant.

  11. This website is worthless! No answers to these questions !!!
    I am wishing I purchased a cooker with recipes that actually make
    sense. I try other recipes and they call for “High” temperature.
    What is considered “High” on the Farberware 7-1 cooker?
    Don’t really expect an answer!

    1. I also have the F-ware 7-in-1 and am frustrated with it. It is not easy to use, and the menu buttons are like idiot lights – useless information. Recipes call for High or Low pressure and a time. And the Rice button cooks rice to a gummy mush. But I have read elsewhere that you can use the Chicken button to cook at High Pressure.

  12. I’ve had this cooker for almost two months now and am selling it locally at a loss. It is a terrible piece of equipment, difficult to use and even more difficult unto impossible to get help with questions. Thought I was buying a less expensive version of the One Pot, but really just bought a cheap imitation. Don’t waste your time or money on this thing.

  13. My inexpensive Farberware 7-1 pressure cooker is fantastic!!! Cooks food quickly and meats are tender. Cooked pork ribs, beef stew, beef pot roast, pork loin roast, whole chicken, and chicken soup. Read the manual and find recipes in cookbooks or on Pinterest. I rarely use default cooking times but instead follow recipe times. Once you find a good recipe, you’re good to go.

  14. Can canning be done with the Farberware 7 in 1 Pressure cooker?

  15. Having problems with mine seems I can never figure out how to use it stick to my crockpot

  16. My fiance bought me this for Christmas last year. I still cant get the pressure cooker part to seal. I hate this thing. I’m getting an instapot. The slow cooker part works . Dont buy this piece crap.

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