Farberware 1st Gen 7-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
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Faberware Pressure Cooker Model Number: WM-CS6004W

Manufacturer Website: Farberware

Thank you to our reader Roger for scanning his manual to share with you.

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hip info:

Electric pressure multi-cooker that only cooks at “high” pressure of 70kpa (approx 10psi) for all cooking programs except for “Slow Cook” (P1)  and “Brown/Sear ” (P9).

No minimum liquid requirement is noted for this cooker in the manual, so be sure to use at least 1 1/2 cups of liquid (standard for most electric pressure cookers) for all pressure recipes.

When setting a custom cooking time for this cooker, select any program from P2 to P8 and adjust the cooking time according to the recipe – note the P3 “Rice/Risotto” program will not let you adjust the cooking time.

According to readers, the “Slow Cook” setting operates like the “low” setting from a conventional slow cooker. Make sure to bring the recipe to a boil with the saute’ setting, before switching to the “Slow Cook” setting and to use it with the lid on and the valve closed.

Farberware 7-IN-1 (1st gen) Pressure Cooker Error Codes

Error CodeMeaningRecommended Actions
E1Bottom sensor open circutUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
E2Bottom sensor short circutUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
C1OverheatUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
E8Pressure protection not working.Contact the retailer or manufacturer for replacement if withing the warranty period.
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  1. Can you explain more about the use of the lid when using slow cooker program. Thanks

  2. Hello . I’m new with this pressure cooker : I would like to buy new manual for Farberware model number WM-CS6004W . I got it as no manual inter box. Only I have are Recipe pressure cooker. I have been searching until found this one as hope will help me with yr information. Please let me know. I would be more appreciate:
    Hope to hear from you
    Thank you so much

    1. On this page under the second photo down there is a red word “Download”. Click on that word and it will download the instruction manual and you can print it out.

    2. You’re lucky…..i got instruction book with NO RECIPE BOOK

  3. Has anyone cooked hard boiled eggs in FW7?
    What setting, how long of time and water with rack?

    1. Boiled eggs on rack water 2 cups slightly soft yoke 4 min steamed vegetable setting increase or decrease minutes for your yoke liking.

  4. Does any other “generation” come with higher PSI than 10?

  5. I lost the knob on top that controls the pressure can I still use it?

  6. Can I fry fish, pressure or lid off?
    What is hottest setting? ²

  7. What does “OH” mean on my cooker?

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