Farberware 1st Gen 7-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
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Faberware Pressure Cooker Model Number: WM-CS6004W

Manufacturer Website: Farberware

Thank you to our reader Roger for scanning his manual to share with you.

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hip info:

Electric pressure multi-cooker that only cooks at “high” pressure of 70kpa (approx 10psi) for all cooking programs except for “Slow Cook” (P1)  and “Brown/Sear ” (P9).

No minimum liquid requirement is noted for this cooker in the manual, so be sure to use at least 1 1/2 cups of liquid (standard for most electric pressure cookers) for all pressure recipes.

When setting a custom cooking time for this cooker, select any program from P2 to P8 and adjust the cooking time according to the recipe – note the P3 “Rice/Risotto” program will not let you adjust the cooking time.

According to readers, the “Slow Cook” setting operates like the “low” setting from a conventional slow cooker. Make sure to bring the recipe to a boil with the saute’ setting, before switching to the “Slow Cook” setting and to use it with the lid on and the valve closed.

Farberware 7-IN-1 (1st gen) Pressure Cooker Error Codes

Error CodeMeaningRecommended Actions
E1Bottom sensor open circutUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
E2Bottom sensor short circutUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
C1OverheatUnplug the unit, let it cool completely, and then restart.
E8Pressure protection not working.Contact the retailer or manufacturer for replacement if withing the warranty period.
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  1. How do you get to the manual setting. My cookbook says set manual for 10 min. I am not sure how to do that? Thanks!

    1. Kelli, use the “Chicken” setting and adjust the time according to the recipe.



  2. I just saw your comment to Jessica about using the chicken setting for MANUAL. How do you set the time from there?

    1. You press the plus “+” and minus “-” buttons.



  3. Can you tell me how to manual cook out this pressure cooker? I can’t figure it out.

    1. Use the “chicken” program for “manual” pressure cooking and set the time from there.



      1. Press P06 (chicken), while the setting is flashing, push “TIME COOK” button, then use the plus(+) or(-) button to set desired time. When pot is sealed and ready push “START”. When the pressure has built up, the display will show the time you set.

        1. Thank You your directions were very helpful. This thing requires a lot of steps.

  4. We tried making Quiche in our Pressure cooker. First time I put it on P09. Nothing happened Second go around we put it on Steam and 30 mins. I am still trying to figure out how to put time on it. Can you make anything in it ? The Picture is the second go round. It was good.

    1. Margie, did you add water to the base? It won’t pressure cook or steam without water.



  5. What setting is ‘High’ trying to make hard boiled eggs

  6. Hi Laura,
    Have you tested the Faberware 7 -in-one programmable electric pressure cooker? If so, how does in compare to an instant pot?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. No, I have not. The manufacturer would not send me one. However, from reading the specs I can tell you that it operates at a slightly lower pressure from Instant Pot (70kPa vs 80kPa) but you can generally use the same recipes and cooking times.



  7. I need a replacement lid for the faberware pressure cooker but i cant find how to order

  8. I’m using my Farberware 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker (Model No. WM-CS6004W) to slow cook (not pressure cook) a corned beef. My recipe calls for it to slow cook for 6 hours on low. I set the cooker on PO1 for six hours because the cooking program for steak/meat (PO5) only ranges between 1 minute – 2 hours duration. Was this the right way to set it for this recipe? What is the temperature under PO1? How would I set it for something that calls for slow cooking on a high setting? Set it to PO1 and just guess how many additional hours it would need to cook long enough to finish? In other words, how do I set the cooker for slow cooking large pieces of meat that require more than 2 hours cooking time and what’s the formula for factoring in a recipe’s requirement for low or high settings?

  9. On the Error Code, I receive what looks like OH when it has finished cooking, it has always done this right from the beginning, everything cooks great but was curious as to why it shows this once everything has finished cooking.

    1. I believe that’s for “Overheat” – are you adding enough liquids and avoiding thickeners in your recipes?



      1. I discovered that 0H does NOT mean overheat, it is for the number of hours to keep food warm, such as 4 hours (4H) .

    2. It’s zero H. After your cook time as expired it will switch to “keep warm” setting and display 0H. The zero is the number of hours on warm setting. After 1 hour of being on keep warm it will display 1H, etc.

      1. God bless you Leroy! You saved the day, after almost a year of thinking it meant “overheat”, I would immediately unplug my wonderful pressure cooker for fear of a fire, I can finally put away my fire extinguisher and continue on making yummy meals!

  10. Instruction manual does not have enough information. Thanks for this site.

    1. Hi Roland, I found it quite useful to go to YouTube and watch how others used this pressure cooker, and then I practiced with cooking meat, or rice… the more I used it, the more confident I became. While practicing I would jot down notes. Good luck!

  11. How do you set 7in1programable cooker on high? Where can I order a safety pressure valve for it?

  12. In my 7 in one I got a metal ring on legs. I thought it was to set a whole chicken on to keep it off the bottom. But when I put the chicken in its very close to the top. If its not for chicken whats it for.

  13. What is the temperature at each of the settings? My recipe calls for highest temperature setting. Thank you.

  14. I pushed p3 for my recipe how will I know when it’s done?

  15. My pressure gauge has came off my faberware7 in 1 . I was wanting to know if I could order a lid for one?

  16. How do I program a delayed start time on my Farberware programable pressure cooker?

  17. It stands for on hold. Correct?

  18. How do I sauté in my 7 in 1? This is so much more difficult than the instapot

    1. Use P09 the Browning Program.



  19. Trouble shooting help please as soon as I plug My pressure cooker in it goes straight to slow cook can change the program or stop it unless I unplug can I get help with this

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