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Faberware Pressure Cooker Model Number: WM-CS6016WP

Manufacturer Website: Farberware

Thank you to the Farberware 7-in-1 Facebook Group for providing a copy of this manual to share with our readers.

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hip info:

Electric pressure multi-cooker that only cooks at “high” pressure of 70kpa (approx 10psi) for all cooking programs except for “Slow Cook”, “Keep Warm”  and “Sear “.

When setting a custom cooking time for this cooker, select any program (Vegetable/Steam, Soup/Stew, Bean/Lentils, Chicken or Roast) and adjust the cooking time according to the recipe – note the “Rice/Risotto” cooking times are not adjustable.

The minimum liquid requirement for all pressure cooker programs is noted as 2 cups (500ml).

According to readers, the “Slow Cook” setting operates like the “low” setting from a conventional slow cooker. Make sure to bring the recipe to a boil with the saute’ setting, before switching to the “Slow Cook” setting and to use it with the lid on and the valve closed.

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  1. I have this cooker, and it does a fantastic job. The booklet/manual was not very helpful, but the cooker is well made and we have had excellent results. Finding good information on sites like this makes our efforts successful.

  2. You say chose the cook setting and then increase the time! How do you do that? I set my pork roast to chicken … 20 minutes but I need it at 55 minutes. The + button won’t increase the time. So frustrated

    1. If it is already cooking, I realized you have to hit stop first. Then hit menu, then select your number, then hit time cook, then hit plus or minus to change the time.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    On the right side of the panel, you will see a “time cook” button and a “+” sign button. First you would select “chicken”. Then click on the “time cook” button, then use the “+” button to increase the time to what you need. Then press the start button.
    The process is the same for increasing the time for the other cycles, although I understand that you cannot increase the “sear” time.
    My hubby found the info in the booklet when we needed it…..I did not figure it out on my own. The booklet does not explain things well, so it takes some time to find the needed info..
    I hope this helps…….good cooking!

    1. Is there any way to adjust the temperature? I have a recipe that states I need to have it on a medium temperature for an hour. I chose the chicken setting and added my minutes, but I’m not sure if the chicken setting is for medium. I wish this had a better manual!

      1. I read on a site that our model of Farberware cooker only cooks at high pressure. So, I just adjust my cook times accordingly. I was glad to get that info. I still love my cooker….

    2. Where is the “chicken” button? I’m trying to cook eggs for 4 minutes and can’t get the time any lower than 10 minutes

      1. For eggs, I choose the 07 Vegetable/steak setting, which is 8 mins, and adjust it down to 5 mins. Press start and viola! Hard boiled eggs!

    3. Carolyn Faulk I have tried this method to add Tim to my cooking time unfortunately it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

      1. I don’t know how else to explain the process to set the time.
        Maybe you could play with your pot with just water in it to try setting the time up or down. That way you would not have a problem with food being ruined, but you could get used to your pot. Sometimes practice helps.
        It can take a while to learn to get the process correct.
        If you have that practice time, and it still does not work for you, then you may need to contact Walmart about the warranty.

      2. I’m having the same issue. My pressure cooker doesn’t allow me to adjust the time cook or delay time. It’s like the manual timer is defective. I’ve gone through the steps repeatedly. I’m going to call customer service today. However, I will say that it cooks well with the presets. If I get the problem resolved somehow, I’ll post the results. If anyone else has solved this issue, please let me know.

        1. Press and hold the time Cook button until it blinks, then you may adjust time using the +/- keys.

        2. Adjust time before pressing start. Menu/selection/timecook/+ or -/start.

      3. You actually have to press and hold the time Cook button until it begins blinking, then press the +/- to adjust the time settings.

      4. So a common theme is to add time to the cook time… I have found is that to set the time adjustment at the start is to 1. Pick cook setting. 2. push time cook which then allows you to add or subtract your cook time 3. then press start.
        To adjust time while cooking use the same as above but you need to stop the current cooking cycle. Reset setting as if you were starting new. Hope this helps

    4. As it says above, you also can’t use the time cook feature for the 03 Rice/Risotto setting. Since brown rice has to cook longer than white, I would appreciate advice on which menu selection to choose and for how long.

  4. Recipe says set to sauté (to cook a few onions). But I do not have a sauté. What do I use in place of this? I am not a good cook so I need to follow a recipe step by step with all words.

    1. Susan, choose the “chicken” program. The goal is to turn on the heating element – don’t worry it can’t pressure cook without the lid. ; )

      When you’re finished sauteeing and have added the other ingredients and liquid, cancel out and – if by any chance you had planned to use the chicken program, anyway – re-start the program but with the lid on this time.


    2. Susan, the “”sear” choice will heat the pan and let you saute the onions with the lid off. Once you have done the onions, you can cancel the program and then select whatever program you wish to use to finish cooking.

      1. Carolyn, Thanks. I’ll try that. There are other recipes that also have instructions on using a certain selection that I do not have on the button options. This 7 in 1 isn’t to posted on line for recipes that use these selections. The ones in the book don’t sound to appealing. I’ll keep looking.

    3. I use 09 program brown/sear to saute

  5. The book is awful; never even refers to chicken setting and the instructions to reduce time don’t work

  6. Can you prepare frozen meat in the pressure cooker?

  7. Steam is leaking out around the lid of my cooker, on the top in between where the metal and black plastic come together. I checked all the trouble shooting tips and I think there might be residue between the gasket and the lid and the booklet says to remove residue but I done know how. Can I take apart the lid to wash the pieces individually? I don’t want to break anything.

    1. I am having the same leaking problem. Mine will not even build pressure right now.

      Last time this happened, I wiggled the little red relief valve and it started working. Now, that does t fix the problem.

      I am so frustrated!!

  8. Well I am going to try to call customer service and see if they can help me fix it over the phone, I think it needs to be fully taken apart and cleaned but I’m not certain, I did tt someone in customer service and they told me really fast how to do and it was complicated, I felt like he was rushing me off the phone so I hung up with him, if I can figure it out a solution i will post it

  9. Jamie, let us know what it was and how you fixed it. I only used mine like 3 times and I am not much for cooking at all. Especially with fancy cooking devices so I let a friend borrow it and have not asked for it back. Lol

  10. Jamie,Wendy & Susan:

    Before placing the cover on my pressure cooker; I wipe over the edge of my inner pot with a paper towel. I wiggle (gently) and seat in the gasket. I also wiggle the black steam relief valve, and push up and down the little red pin to remove any obstructions. And most importantly I never leave the room until the cooker seals. Make certain you have enough water to build enough steam to build pressure before you run out of water (or broth).

    Jamie- The same thing happened to me the 1st time I used mine!
    Wendy- Wiggling the red relief valve WAS the solution!
    Susan- Ask for it back; give it another chance! It is my BEST appliance!

    All recipes adapt to your pressure cooker. Use e-books, library, and convert your family favorites. Good luck Ladies and give yourselves a learning curve.

  11. How do.I.slow cook with this. slow cook but can not set the timer.

    1. Hi John: Whenever you want to set the timer for any and all programs including slow cook this is what you do; 1st choose slow cook; or whichever way you are cooking; press time cook once ( above the plus sign ) and then press the plus or minus buttons for the times you want. That’s it, your welcome.

      1. Can’t go over 20 mins. No help at all

        1. You need to choose a program that defaults to 35 min like beans lentils then you can adjust it like I do to one hour 5 minutes.

  12. I want to set my cooker to delay time, which I know how to do but how do I set the clock so it is the correct time?

  13. Hi Elsie:
    When setting the delay timer, you do not set a clock. You choose how many hours before the pressure cooker begins. ( example: it is 2:00 pm, and you need the cooking to begin at 4:pm you set the time to begin in 2hours by pressing the + & – signs respectively) you can even set the minutes in 10 minute increments. This is done after choosing the delay timer. 1. Choose your cooking method. 2. Delay timer. 3. How much time later. I put my steel cut oats in the pot at 11:30 pm. I want it to begin cooking at 6:30 am so I set the delay time for 7 hours, and I eat at 7:30 am. Giving it 1 hour to cook and release. It sounds more complicated then it is. It will only take one time and you’ve got it.

    1. THANK YOU

  14. What temperature does it cook on? My son is allergic to dairy unless it’s cooked on high heat like baking or deep frying. Does the pressure cooker cook on high heat like that?

    1. If you’re referring to “baked” milk products – the foods in the pressure cooker reach higher temperatures than they can reach in an oven.

      I hope this helps!



  15. I need a manual for my 2nd generation 6 quart pressure cooker. Can some one tell me were I can get one. I dont want to down load one. I need a physical one in hand. Picture enclosed of the one I have. Thank you for your help.

    1. If you have the box there should be a home office or maker of the cooker.or maybe even on the pot. Maybe you can call or email them to get a book.

    2. Just press the “download” link above where you left your comment. : )



  16. I have just gotten this pressure cooker and wonder if the “slow cook” setting is considered”high” or “low” when using crock pot recipes.

    1. Barb, the setting is similar to “low” on a conventional slow cooker.



      1. I need ‘hi’ temp. How am I suppose to get that on the slow cook option?

  17. Is there a manual setting on this machine?

    1. Use the chicken setting, and then change the time from there. BTW, it says so right above where you left your comment. ; )



  18. So my issue is, whenever I start to cook something at automatically shuts off after 2 or 3 minutes. It does the two short beeps and one long beep, which indicates that it is done cooking. Even if there was 28 minutes left on the timer. Any suggestions?

  19. This is my first time using this Pressure Cooking and I’m confused as to what setting I use for meat. There is a chicken setting but I’m making beef, so do I use roast? Other cookers have a meat setting.

  20. We are having problems getting ours to get pressure. We will cook in it and there is little to no pressure which is taking way longer than we were told it would take. What are we doing wrong?

  21. I recently purchased the Faberware 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker at Wal -Mart, model WM-CS6004W. Used it once ( love it ) , but I have misplaced the manual booklet that came with it. I don’t want to download. Want the manual in hand , so can check on cleaning. Instructions etc. Need a phone number to call for the manual. Thank You.

  22. Is there a table of psi listings for each of the settings or is it just a flat rate 15psi to start off then 10 ish for the cooking and all you vary is cook time with each setting?

    1. Look at the cooking chart, the cooking times are listed by PSI groups.



  23. Put 2nd generation 6 quart pressure cooker. With the company name and model number with PDF at the end . Watch out for strange sites that want you to jump into other sites . I found about six online PDF manuals for my Farberware 8 qt pot.

  24. What are the temperature equivalents for programs?

  25. What is the high SETTING? Do I cook ham on the chicken setting?

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